Hiring Student Employees on Campus

If you would like to employ students within your department, please:

1. Submit a Student Aide Request.

2. Submit a Job Description for each student position in your area.

3. Questions? Review our FAQs page or send us an email.


All Students

Career Services will confirm that students requested have registered and are eligible for work-study or will be paid by your department or a grant account.


When a student eligibility and funding is confirmed, Career Services will send you the student’s Work Assignment Form by email.  Upon receipt of the Work Assignment form, please contact your student with their start date/schedule.

New Hires

These students will need to complete the College’s onboarding process.  Please keep in mind that this process may take a few days to complete.

If/when you identify an interested student, please provide us with the student’s name and ID so that we can confirm eligibility and forward the application and onboarding instructions to the student’s email.

When the student has completed the hiring process, you will receive a Work Assignment Form from Human Resources.  Upon receipt of the Work Assignment form, please contact your student with a start date.



Upon receipt of your department’s request form, Career Services will…

      • Confirm eligibility for students you have identified to rehire.
      • Confirm eligibility for new hires your department has identified and initiate the hiring process.
      • Refer eligible students to you for interviews.



Note: All student aides must be assigned a primary and a secondary supervisor. If there have been any staffing changes within your department that might affect this, please let us know and we will inform HR.