Follow up – make yourself memorable!

Think of the job fair as your first contact with employers, not your last.

Successful job hunters do half their work after the fair.

Thank the recruiters you met.

A thank you note shows the recruiter that you really want the job.  You’ll stand out because you are one of the few who made a special effort.  Write your note as soon as possible after the job fair.  Your memory will still be fresh.  A quick response tells the recruiter that you are attentive and hard-working.

In your note…

  • Thank the recruiter for speaking with you.
  • Some recruiters attend lots of job fairs.  Mention which job fair you attended and the position you are interested in.
  • Refresh the recruiter’s memory of you by mentioning something specific you may have had the opportunity to say or ask.
  • Summarize your qualifications.  If you forgot to mention an important selling point at the job fair, now’s your chance to mention it.
  • Restate your wish for an interview and attach another copy of your resume.
  • See more thank-you note suggestions.

Keep your applications in motion.

  • If an employer asks you to send a resume, follow up in a timely manner. (We can help you put one together if need be.)
  • Follow the recruiters’ instructions for setting up interviews.  If a recruiter asked you to go online and fill out a job application, do it.  When you apply, include that you met their recruiter (using the recruiter’s name) at the Job Fair (where and when).  Then email the recruiter(s) to tell them you applied online as requested.
  • If you get a call for an appointment but are no longer interested in the position/company, respond back to let the employer know that you are not interested.
  • If you made an appointment for an interview but then change your mind, call/email to cancel.

Add a little persistence/patience.

The hiring process can sometimes take time.  Keep a list of all the empl0yers at the job fair in which you had interest. Every few weeks, send each recruiter a short note.  Let them know that you are still interested in working for them.  Keep in mind that jobs open up all the time.  Some people decline job offers.  Other people don’t work out and management replaces them.  Plus, people get promoted, retire, or quit their jobs.  So, stay in touch.  Become the first person they think of when something new opens up.