Be Career Ready

What Employers Want

Where to Start

Early in your college experience, create a portfolio for soft skills.  When you complete an activity that provides tangible evidence of a soft skill, make note of it in your portfolio.

Academics:  Accept responsibility for an important component of a class project or offer to be the spokesperson for a small group project.  Join a club where you can collaborate with peers on an initiative.  Continuing education courses can provide an additional perspective.

Experiential Learning:  It can be anything from a service-learning project to a paid internship.  Seek challenges to showcase soft skills.  Document examples of where you collaborated, motivated, solved a problem, or used public speaking, leadership, persuasion, time management or creative skills.  How did these skills lead to the success of the project? How did you learn from others?

Volunteer:  Provide leadership to children, organize a fundraiser, volunteer at a hospital, etc.

Ask CCM’s Career Services:  Learn how to identify and communicate your skills to employers.