Please review the Student Guide to Distance Learning for getting started and general information.  Students who are required to attend a course specific orientation can find the required information  by checking web advisor.   In addition, be sure to click around on Distance Learning web site for additional resources, technical requirements, learning tutorials etc.  Lastly take a moment to complete the browser checker to determine your computers compatibility with Blackboard.  View information about the Blackboard App for mobile devices also.


Letters are emailed to student email account for those who are registered for an online and/or hybrid class just prior to the beginning of the semester term. All students (visiting also) have a ccm student email account.  Sample letter. (rtf sample letter)

The full listing of online and hybrid courses for Spring 2018 can be found in Web Advisor (seat availability and course descriptions).  For the most comprehensive and up to date information, complete the date range field and in location choose online or hybrid.  Registration begins on November 6th.  You may also view the full listing of online and hybrid courses for Spring 2018 here (Pop up blockers must be turned off to view the list).  RTF File Course Listing

Students in hybrid courses should log into Blackboard on the first day of the semester and not wait until the first on campus meeting.


Due to mini term semesters, students will not be able to register/add an online course once the term begins (for example, for the spring 16 week term and  the early 8 week term, the last day to add an online class is January 16th).


REMEMBER, you cannot access your online or hybrid class until after 8am on the the first day of your term.


GETTING BOOKS:  You may purchase books in person at the CCM bookstore or order online at   You will need your course number and section number.  You must purchase the edition of your book that is required by your Professor.



Video links for Blackboard help may also be found here.