Winterim 4 week term begins on Wednesday, December 23, 2020.


Registration begins on  November 2.

For a full listing of Winterim 2021 courses and to register, go to Titans Direct.

In order to register, all students must complete an application for admission.  See the admissions web link for further information.  The last day for admitted students to register for an online course will be Tuesday, December 22, 2020.


CCM campus will be closed from December 24, 2020 through January 6, 2021 (however, your course work will continue).   Please watch for updates on as it will reflect current information regarding campus closures and changes due to COVID-19.

Throughout the break, you may email for technical issues.  This mailbox will be checked periodically.  The Virtual Campus will not be available on December 24th-25th or December 31st-January 1st (please contact your professor for emergent needs).     Please provide a detailed description of the issue you are having.  Please note the best way to determine your computers compatibility and troubleshoot is to complete the Browser Check  You may also view Blackboard Help for help with Blackboard tools.



Smarthinking Free supplemental 24/7 on demand tutoring support and resources across a wide range of subjects is available.  Online tutoring is an added supplemental support service to assist all CCM students, especially those who may only be taking online and/or hybrid courses or who may not have access to campus everyday.  Furthermore, online tutoring addresses the needs of students during the evenings, weekends, holidays, winter and summer terms, when the Center may not be open or operating with limited hours and available in-person tutors.

Due to the expedited schedule, it is critical you log in the first day of class and immediately address any technical questions/issues.  Keep in mind the learning tutorials and help link available for Blackboard assistance as well.


Winter books go on sale November 1st at the CCM bookstore.  You may also order your books online at  CCM Bookstore, but please do so no later than December 11th.  You will need your course number and section number and must purchase the edition of your book that is required by your professor.  The bookstore will be closed during the holiday break.  Due to COVID-19, this may vary, please note most current information on the campus store website.

To check what classes are being offered and to register, please go to Titans Direct.

Winterim 4 Week Term - December 23, 2020-January 19, 2021
ACC111:16200 Prin Accounting I Online S Miller
ACC111:16204 Prin Accounting I Online K Crisonino
ACC112:16201 Prin Accounting II Online K Crisonino
ACC112:16202 Prin Accounting II Online K Crisonino
BUD112:16203 Intro to Business Online M Adamo
BUS119:16205 Bus Infor Sys & Appl Online J Qvotrup
BUS136:16217 Personal Finance Online S Miller
BUS136:16225 Personal Finance Online S Miller
BUS215:16208 Princ of Management Online M Sutton
BUS242:16246 Customer Relations Online M Hopper-Ford
CJS116:16236 Intro to Criminiology Online M Kazaba
CJS116:16252 Intro to Criminiology Online M Kazaba
CJS121:16231 Criminal Justice System Online J Hurd
CJS127:16209 Intro to Homeland Security Online J Hurd
CMP120:16207 Foundations of Info Security Online P Tamburelli
CMP135:16210 Comp. Conc With Applic Online J Scott
CMP135:16222 Comp. Conc With Applic Online N Binowski
ECO211:16227 Economics I Macroeconomics Online S Kaifa
ECO211:16230 Economics I Macroeconomics Online S Kaifa
ECO212:16228 Economics II Microeconomics Online S Kaifa
ENR130:16211 Intro to Engineering Cancelled J DenholtzCancelled
HED115:16221 Personal & Family Nutrition Online M Morano
HED115:16235 Personal & Family Nutrition Online M Morano
HIS113:16223 Early Modern Europe Online C Pilant
HIS117:16226 Ancient World Online C Pilant
HIS118:16243 The Middle Ages Online C Pilant
HIS167:16247 20th Century US History II Online M Lee
HIS203:16245 History of Minorities in US Online M Lee
HIS209:16248 History of American Women Online M Lee
HOS100:16206 Serv-Safe Food Handling CANCELLED M CosgroveCANCELLED
HOS118:16237 Intro Hospitality Industry CANCELLED N IftikharCANCELLED
HOS201:16254 Marketing & Event Planning CANCELLED M CosgroveCANCELLED
HOS215:16220 Bar & Beverage Service Mgt CANCELLED M CosgroveCANCELLED
HOS234:16242 Event Sales Planning Mgt. CANCELLED M CosgroveCANCELLED
MAT110:16212 College Algebra Online J Sarmiento
MAT110:16214 College Algebra Online D Poetsch
MAT110:16240 College Algebra Online C Wong
MAT120:16215 Math for Liberal Arts Online S Winston
MAT120:16219 Math for Liberal Arts Online A Thurman
MAT124:16213 StatisticsOnline C Chambers
MAT124:16216 StatisticsOnline D Stigliano
MAT130:16251 Probability & Statistics Online M Persau
MAT130:16251 Probability & Statistics Online K Fitzpatrick
MKT113:16218 Principles of Marketing I Online M Sutton
PHO110:16239 Photography Appreciation Online N Schwartz
PSY113:16224 General Psychology Online S Maret
PSY113:16229 General Psychology Online J Urgola
PSY113:16234 General Psychology Online S Maret
PSY219:16244 Dev Psych - Human Lifespan Online S Maret