The Certificate in Web Development has been designed to provide an understanding of the World Wide Web and Web design and development. Beginning and advanced Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), forms, JavaScript, and other current scripting languages. are used to create Web pages. Cutting edge Web development skills are honed to create and maintain Web sites that are modern, responsive, and dynamic delivered across a wide range of devices.

Leading Web design and development tools including current industry standard Web integrative tools, and content management systems provide seamless integration and a unified interface to streamline Web development from local development to staging to production. Competence in the use of industry-leading development tools in building a current, engaging, and dynamic Web site is mastered.

This program is for individuals who are interested in augmenting their current skills, or those interested in a career change. This programs articulates with the Information Technologies degree, and the Digital Media Degree programs for those students wishing to continue toward an Associate’s Degree.

Upon completion of this certificate students can seek job with the following titles:

  1. Web Designer
  2. Web Developer
  3. Web Content Strategist
  4. Information Technician
  5. CSS/HTML Developer
  6. Front-End Web Developer
  7. Web/Front-End User Interface (aka UI) Developer/Engineer
  8. Front-End Dev. Ops

Virtual Campus Course Sequence
Course ID Course Name Number of Credits Length of Course (Number of Weeks) Campus Location
CMP239 Internet and Web Page Design 3 7 or 15 VIR
CMP128 Computer Science I 3 15 VIR
CMP244 Web Design II 3 15 VIR
CMP263 Web Design Workflow 4 15 VIR
CMP249 Advanced Web Programming 3 15 VIR
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