More and more employers are looking at their workforce as a significant resource for the success of their company. Additionally, federal and state regulations require a professional human resources department to handle the many mandates and requirements to remain legally compliant as an employer. Together, these factors can be daunting to the untrained. CCM is your answer to establishing a safe, effective and compliant workforce.

Managers, HR Professionals, Entrepreneurs ­- if you would like to learn more about the hiring and handling of employees, health insurance, compensation, or other human resources programs and procedures, this course track is for you. Whether you are interested in pursuing testing for credentials from organizations such as the Human Resources Certification Institute or the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), or you are looking to grow your expertise, this program will provide you with the knowledge you need for your career growth and will prepare you to sit for the SHRM certification exam.

Program content is based on the SHRM’s State of Human Resource Education Study in cooperation with the American Institutes for Research and the SHRM Human Resource Curriculum: An Integrated Approach to HR Education. The program includes two field trips to local SHRM chapter meetings and guest speakers who are subject matter experts.

Any of the first 4 classes can be taken individually and in any order. The last module requires at least one other as a prerequisite.

CHR-119                         Training & Staff Development

CHR-121                         HR Management and Staffing

CHR-122                         Employment Law

CHR-117                         Total Rewards: Compensation & Benefits

CHR-123                         Strategic HR Management & Capstone Project

You do not need to enroll in the certificate program to benefit from these courses. Upon completion of all five modules, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in Human Resources by the college.

*Textbook required; click here for book information.

Judy Treibman, MBA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GBA
Kenneth Sterzer, MPS, SHRM-CP, PHR


HR delivers corporate training to employees based on business objectives to ensure a productive and efficient workforce. Topics discussed in this course include core competencies, conducting a needs assessment, designing and delivering training programs and linking career development and performance management to training. CHR-119

88383.  3 sessions: 9 hours, CEU 0.9

Time: 6:15-9:15 p.m., Tues, Dec 1-15

Cost: $199


Compensation and benefits are primary factors in recruiting and retaining top talent and the key to a company’s competitiveness. HR develops packages for executives and compensation and benefits levels for employees that are internally and externally equitable and that fit the company’s needs. Major topics discussed:  salary grading and banding using a market-based strategy; management of company paid benefits (medical, dental etc.); ERISA and other regulatory issues pertaining to benefits; other rewards including paid time off and flexible schedules. CHR-117.

Course Code #: 28384

5 Sessions: 15 hours, CEU 1.5

Time: 6:15-9:15 p.m., Tues, Feb 16-March 16

Cost: $299


Prerequisite: Students must complete at least one other of the HR certificate modules before enrolling in this course.

In order to be an active partner in the strategic management of a company, HR must understand the business climate and the competition. HR translates corporate goals (both short and long-term) to the department and individual level. HR reduces or mitigates risk to the company. Students will work in groups on a project of choice and will identify and report on solutions drawing from multiple areas of HR. Major topics discussed:  SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) Analysis; health, safety, and security risks; workforce changes including mergers/acquisitions, reductions in workforce. CHR-127.

Course Code #: 28385

4 Sessions: 12 hours, CEU 1.2
Time: 6:15-9:15 p.m., Tues, March 30-April 20

Cost: $259


Unconscious bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions and decisions on an unconscious basis. It refers to the feelings and attitudes we have toward people or groups. While unintentional, these biases can influence every aspect of an organization or team from hiring and promotions to day-to-day team interactions. You will learn how unconscious bias impacts workplace interaction and decisions, how to recognize and manage biases and use techniques for addressing potential bias. In addition, the course will cover the perspectives of others. WDT-185.

INSTRUCTOR:  Georgann Occhipinti, MA

Course Code #: 28116

2 Sessions: 4 hours, CEU 0.4

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m., Tues and Thurs, April 27-29

Cost: $159


Organizations and individuals who can value and leverage the diversity of every individual are more inclusive, with a positive impact on an organization’s results. Each person’s assets are recognized and routinely utilized in achieving the organization’s goals. You will explore diversity and inclusion definitions, approaches and expectations, expand your awareness across multiple dimensions of diversity and gain insights into the positive impact of diversity on team results. Techniques for challenging stereotypes and potential bias, as well as leveraging the benefits of working in a virtual format for diverse team members will be discussed. WDT-187.

INSTRUCTOR:  Georgann Occhipinti, MA

Course Code #: 28117

2 Sessions: 4 hours, CEU 0.4

Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m., Tues and Thurs, May 4-6

Cost: $159


Professionals provide training to managers and employees on compliance issues, develop and implement policies, practices and procedures. Learn about relevant legislation such as: Employment at will/wrongful discharge, NJ state and local legislation, OSHA, FLSA, ERISA, FMLA, NLRA, WARN, COBRA, HIPA and EEO. CHR-122

Next offered Fall 2021


People are the most valuable asset to any organization. Learn how to identify and implement recruiting and retention programs to impact productivity and profitability. Assess HR effectiveness using measurement tools. The class will attend a Society of Human Resources chapter meeting (Sussex-Warren) as a field trip. Topics will include Trends in HR Management and the contemporary role of HR in the large and small organization; Develop recruiting and retention strategies and practices; Manage a diverse workforce and a global workforce; Evaluate HR performance/effectiveness with metrics. CHR 121.

Next offered Fall 2021