The world of technology changes rapidly.  Existing older technologies become more sophisticated and a whole realm of new and emerging technologies are changing behaviors and everyday life at warp speed.  AI, or artificial intelligence, is not limited to self-driving cars.  AI is behind things we now take for granted – computer search engines, personal assistants like Siri®and Alexa®, ride-sharing apps and many more health care, industry and business applications that touch everyone’s life.   Blockchain is a secure, continuously updated record of ownership, available for view by everyone to check on the security and veracity of ownership of items of value.  Most people think of crypto-currency, one of the most common applications, which is used in instant payment transfers and reduces settlement times in transactions, but its potential to disrupt and innovate expands to myriad industry sectors. All large and small corporations are embracing cloud computers and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely used cloud platforms.  Find out what this emerging technology means to your business.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere from technologies and applications that sense, reason, act and adapt.  AI includes machine learning with algorithms that affect performance and selection in automated processes, improving over time with exposure to more data.  Finally, AI is deep learning, a subset of machine learning that can solve the most complex problems.  AI is all this and more.  CCM’s expert instructors are creating a new course to help everyone understand the concepts of AI and how it relates to the workforce.