The world of technology changes rapidly.  Existing older technologies become more sophisticated and a whole realm of new and emerging technologies are changing behaviors and everyday life at warp speed.  AI, or artificial intelligence, is not limited to self-driving cars.  AI is behind things we now take for granted – computer search engines, personal assistants like Siri®and Alexa®, ride-sharing apps and many more health care, industry and business applications that touch everyone’s life.   Blockchain is a secure, continuously updated record of ownership, available for view by everyone to check on the security and veracity of ownership of items of value.  Most people think of crypto-currency, one of the most common applications, but it also aids in the instant transfer of payments reducing settlement times in transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

Fundamentals of Blockchain


PREREQUISITE:  Ability to write code in Python. Students will be required to establish a personal FloydHub account at the first class; please bring a credit card.

This course is a technical class where students will code artificial intelligence models in Python.  You will learn about AI concepts in machine learning and deep learning neural networks.  You will apply this knowledge, along with skills in Python, to efficiently work on AI projects in your chosen area which may include computer vision, reinforcement learning, natural language processing and more. Limited to 5 students. CPC-620

INSTRUCTOR: Joshua Denholtz, ME

Time: Next offered Spring 2021


This course is an introduction to the various Blockchain technologies (Bitcoin, Hyperledger, RecordsKeeper, projects/users) and ecosystems (exchanges, miners, developers, applications), private vs. public Blockchain and sample Blockchain transactions. CPC-610

Instructor: James Lam

Time: Next offered Spring 2021