Do you own a small landscape business and want to develop your knowledge and skill set? Are you a professional in horticulture or landscape services looking for employee development? Are you self-taught? Do you want your home landscape to offer a polished, professional look?

We offer courses that are perfect for anyone in the landscape-horticulture industry, or for the passionate home gardener or master gardener wishing to expand their knowledge of plants, shrubbery and trees for effective use in seasonal and perennial landscapes.


This 15-hour class introduces the concept of plant palettes.  It will help you identify plants for appropriate placement and selection in a variety of garden beds and settings.  Plant palettes refer to selections based on color, growing season and creating harmony with a complementing balance of ground covers, annual and perennial plants, shrubbery (sub-canopy) and trees (canopy).

INSTRUCTOR: Brian Oleksak, BS, MS

Mon, Oct 10-Nov 14, 6:30-9 p.m.


6 sessions: 15 hrs, CEU 1.5

Course: 88551

Cost: $329



Learn to use the software pros use – DynaScape Design.  Bring your ideas to life with this powerful tool.  Over 15 hours, this course introduces the theory, principles and practices of design and planning, effective use of plant materials, artistic consideration of form and function, and basic drawing and drafting techniques.


This course offers an overview of pruning practices for the most common woody plants in the landscape and garden.  The course emphasizes a plant species approach to addressing pruning practices including methods, timing and overall objectives.  Students will learn the best practices for improving the health, service life, structural integrity and aesthetics of popular landscape species.

INSTRUCTOR: Brian Oleksak, BS, MS

4 sessions: 12 hrs, CEU 1.2


Learn about the insects, diseases and weeds that are recognized as pests of ornamental plant materials and turf areas. The nature, structure and function of insect body parts, and the growth, habits, injurious effects and life cycles of pest organisms are studied in detail. Pesticides, regulations governing pesticide use and methods of selection and application are discussed with an emphasis on safety. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques are stressed and students apply an understanding of IPM techniques to both greenhouse and landscape management. This course may be eligible for New Jersey Pesticide Recertification credits in both core and selected categories. This course is offered as a hybrid.

INSTRUCTOR: Brian Oleksak, BS, MS

Tues, Sept 6-Dec 13, 3:30-6:15 p.m.

On campus: LHT 109

15 sessions: 41 hrs, CEU 4.1

Course: 88554

Cost: $831