Many of the Workforce Development classes will continue online throughout the COVID-19 pandemic response (highlighted below). Other classes, best taught in person, will be suspended. See below to view the status of each individual class.

Modifying and Creating Web Pages with HTML5 & CSS3

Webpage Interactivity with JavaScript and JQuery

WordPress for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Bloggers


PREREQUISITES: Competent computer skills, working knowledge of Windows, and familiarity with the Internet.

Are you frustrated with adding to or modifying web pages created by someone else? This introductory course in HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) provides the foundation for all web pages. You can access any web page no matter who created it. Learn the construction and modification of web pages and be in control of your website. With these skills you will create new pages and link them to your website.

The basis of the course is the latest iteration of HTML5 and CSS3. Learn how to design, create and structure all types of web pages. The CSS3 skills enable you to format text, incorporate graphics and multimedia and create interactive forms using the most current web styling techniques used today.

This course is ideal for graphic designers who wish to become familiar with websites and add that skill to their offerings. WDA-244

Instructor: Ciro Petti, PMP, MCT, MSO

6 sessions: 18 hours, CEU 1.8

Time: TBD

Cost: $399

WEBPAGE INTERACTIVITY WITH JAVASCRIPT AND JQUERY – this online class is open for registration

Prerequisites: Competent computer skills, working knowledge of the Windows Operating System, and familiarity with the Internet. Or, completion of the course ‘Modifying and Creating Web Pages with HTML5 & CSS 3.’

JavaScript is the interactive engine of your Web site. It enables you to easily create and add lightweight instructions to your Web pages that respond to user needs and actions. See how this useful, powerful and easy to understand language is used to develop intuitive animations and user interaction for your Web site. You will create many useful interactive pages with JavaScript and JQuery with little effort.

Learn how to create an animated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, improve the presentation of images, interactive navigation bars, tabbed panels, photo gallery and fade page elements in and out. Construct slideshows, rollovers, banners and more. Produce images that fade in and out, text boxes that accordion open to reveal their contents, interactive data entry forms and active navigation bars. After taking this course, you will be eager to start adding attention-getting motion and interactivity to Web pages. WDA-245

Instructor: Ciro Petti, PMP, MCT, MSO

28853. 6 sessions: 18 hours, CEU 1.8

Time: 6-9 p.m., Tues and Thurs, June 2-18

Location: online

Cost: $399


Students will be required to establish a WordPress account at the first class and should bring a credit card.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of computers.

WordPress is a powerful web design platform that is user-friendly for those with little to no programming experience. In this class, learn the tips and tricks to create a modern website that will allow for flexibility and easy updates, with many popular embedded features such as plug-ins that can expand reach on social media. WDA-243

Instructor: John Hester, BA

5 Sessions: 15 hours, CEU 1.5

Time: TBD

Cost: $299