CCAMPIS Grant Estimated Funding

Paid to Childcare Facility only

EFC (Pell eligible only) 9 or more Credits 6 to 8.5 credits
$0 -$500 90% Subsidy funded 70% Subsidy funded
$501- $1,500 70% Subsidy funded
$1,501 and up 50% Subsidy funded
Revised Sept. 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how will I be notified if I am eligible to receive the childcare grant?

Eligible students will be notified by way of their CCM email, with the awarded subsidy amount to be paid directly to Facility seen on Titans Direct -My Award or Award Letter. Please allow approximately 3 to 10 business days for CCAMPIS grant application processing.

May I request that my current Childcare Center be considered for CCAMPIS participation, if not listed above?

Yes. If your childcare facility is not already partnered with County College of Morris, please notify us so we may contact them. Once approved, they will be included on the above list.

CCAMPIS – Mission Statement

This program supports the participation of low-income parents in post-secondary education through the provision of childcare assistance.

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