"CCM provided me with the confidence and experience that my colleagues in the nursing field did not have."


Nicole Flammia, ’19, longed to be a nurse since high school. Now as a nurse on the cutting edNicole Flammia, '19, sporting scrubs and a stethoscope. ge of cancer treatment at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJ), she credits County College of Morris (CCM) for setting her apart in the field.

After spending a year at Bloomsburg University after high school, she recognized that she needed a more intimate learning environment. “I had over 400 students in some of my classes,” Flammia says. She decided to attend CCM for a more individualistic education.

It took her three attempts to gain acceptance into CCM’s nursing program. “It was difficult, but I encourage students to remember that whatever you want to do in life is possible with hard work and persistence.”

She graduated with her associate degree in nursing four years later and quickly found a well-paying job at RWJ. She was offered a position in the oncology and bone marrow unit. “Over 65 people applied and only two got into each unit,” she says.

“Most of the candidates had dual degrees or graduated from impressive bachelor’s programs,” says Flammia. “I only had my associate degree. I was not expecting the job.”

Flammia credits the fact that she got the job to her CCM education. “The college is known in the nursing community for having a rigorous program.”

She adds, “CCM provided me with confidence and experience that my colleagues in the nursing field did not have. The professors care so much about their students. They’re incredibly approachable and wanted to help.”

As part of her employment, RWJ is helping with the cost of earning a BSN from Chamberlain University.

At RWJ, Flammia is on the front lines of cancer research, giving her the opportunity to make an impact in an area that is near to her heart.

“I have had multiple family members diagnosed with cancer in the past few years,” she says. “It has made me so passionate about the field. Now, I feel like I am doing something to help others.”