Susan Miller

Susan MillerWhile touring campus during a final interview, Susan Miller took notice of several attractive qualities about County College of Morris (CCM) and was excited to be a potential employee. 
The Center of Teaching Excellence stood out; as she was pleased by the college’s expectation that  faculty continue to grow professionally during their time at CCM. Miller also noted that many professors had several decades under their belt at CCM. She felt that spoke volumes to how much professors enjoyed their vocation and teaching at CCM.
She was also aware of the college’s distinguished reputation. When offered a position at CCM, she was overjoyed.
Miller became interested in education while earning her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Farleigh Dickinson University. Miller observed professors and adjuncts who took pleasure in their work.
“It was a joy for them to interact with students, teach courses and share their knowledge with students. I wanted to do the same,” she says. 
Miller was excited about pursuing a teaching career at a community college. While she enjoyed attending the University of Maryland as a student, she often felt that she was merely a number in the classroom. At CCM, Miller appreciates the personal help she can offer students. Most of her students are preparing for the work force or transferring to another university to complete their bachelor degree. 
“Students look to professors as a support system. I’m guiding them to the next step,” she says. “Teaching allows me to be a part of a bigger picture. I’m helping students, even when it might seem like I’m being hard on them.”