View your awards select:  Titans Direct and login, then –

  • Select  “Award Letter”  to view or print your awarded financial aid. Or
  • Select  “My Documents” for documents requested by our office for your immediate submission, in order for us to complete the awarding process (allow for approximately 2-3 weeks processing).

Click here to download only “Forms & Worksheet” requested by us for your completion and submission

Document Submission:

  1. Do not fax or enlarge photo identification cards, social security cards & US citizenship documents, if requested.
  2. Scanned images may be emailed to –

Please indicate your CCM student identification number on all pages submitted (copies ONLY please).

Note: Federal Direct Loan borrowers, student and/or parental PLUS applicants – Please visit   for instructions on completing the loan application (eMPN) and entrance counseling (required for subsidized/unsubsidized loan borrowers).


Frequently Asked Questions-

  • How I submit documents requested if unable to come to campus or the college is closed?  Documents clearly scanned may be emailed to
  • How do ask and received response to my questions electronically? All questions and concerns may be submitted by way of
  • Where can I get Federal Verification Worksheets? Download Federal Verification Worksheets here , select applicable year and print to sign.


Additionally, students requesting a hard-copy ‘paper’ award notification, document requests, may do so by email (CCM email only) or visiting our office SCC-210 (College or state photo id required). Paper documents will be USPS regular mailed to the address the college has on file, no exceptions- please contact the Records and Registration Office, ensuring that your address is up to date. Attention: Third-party requests will not be accepted.  Attention: Please send us items requested only, all others may be shredded.

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