View your awards select:  Titans Direct and login, then –

  • Select  “Award Letter”  to view or print your awarded financial aid. Or
  • Select  “My Documents” for documents requested by our office for your immediate submission, in order for us to complete the awarding process (allow for approximately 2-3 weeks processing).

Click here to download only “Forms & Worksheet” requested by us for your completion and submission

Document Submission:

  1. Do not fax or enlarge photo identification cards, social security cards & US citizenship documents, if requested.
  2. Scanned document images may be submitted by uploading to MappingXpress, see instructions and passcode.   Please scan one (1)  document per page when submitting multiple documents.

Please indicate your CCM student identification number on all pages submitted (copies ONLY please).

Note: Federal Direct Loan borrowers, student and/or parent PLUS loan applicants – Please visit   for instructions on completing the loan application (eMPN) and entrance counseling (required for subsidized/unsubsidized loan borrowers).


Frequently Asked Questions-


Additionally, students requesting a hard-copy ‘paper’ award notification, document requests, may do so by email (CCM email only) or visiting our office SCC-210 (College or state photo id required). Paper documents will be USPS regular mailed to the address the college has on file, no exceptions- please contact the Records and Registration Office, ensuring that your address is up to date. Attention: Third-party requests will not be accepted.  Attention: Please send us items requested only, all others may be shredded.

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