Federal regulations require that institutions that receive Title IV Funding provide specific consumer information about the school to prospective and currently enrolled students, and in some cases, employees.  Listed below is the information County College of Morris is required to disclose and the web links, brochures, catalogs and/or handbooks where this information is located.

County College of Morris is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

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Middle States Commission on Higher Education Logo


  1. General Institutional Information

    1. Accreditation Status
    2. Current College Catalog
    3. Student Body Information
      1. Graduation Rates
      2. Retention Rates
      3. Student Diversity
      4. Transfer Rates
      5. Student Outcomes
        1. Nursing Licensure Exam Pass Rate
        2. Radiography Licensure Exam Pass Rate
        3. Respiratory Therapy Licensure Exam Pass Rate
        4. Employment Outcomes
    4. Requirements for Dropping a Class/Withdrawing from College
    5. Articulation Agreements
  2. Notice of Availability of Financial Aid

    1. Notice of Availability of Institutional and Financial Aid Information
    2. Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Financial Aid Information
    3. Price of Attendance
      1. Tuition and Fees
      2. Estimated Annual Cost of Enrollment (COE)
      3. Textbook Information
        Students can find the required and recommended textbooks and software for a course on Titans DirectCampus Store
    4. Net Price Calculator
    5. Refund Policy and Requirements for Withdrawal
    6. Return of Federal Financial Aid
      1. Withdrawal Policy for FA Recipients
      2. Return to Title IV Policy
    7. Student Loan Information
      1. Official Cohort Default Rates for Schools (Database search enter OPE-ID:007729) or
      2. IES- NCES National Center for Education Statistics – Morris
    8. Financial Aid Worksheets
    9. Student Academic Progress (SAP) Policies
  3. Privacy of Student Records

    1. Notification of Rights Under FERPA
  4. Student Services

    1. Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities
    2. Student Activities
    3. Student External Complaint Process (Federal & NJ State ombudsman)
    4. Drug Free Campus and Workplace Policy
    5. Vaccination Policy
  5. Academic Conduct

  6. Campus Safety

    1. Clery Report
    2. Crime Statistics
    3. Public Safety
  7. Career Development Services

Career Concourse