CCM’s Workforce Development programs answer the demand for increased training to better support the local economy.

Engineering LabCCM’s purpose is three-fold:

  1. For students to earn degrees to transfer to four-year colleges/universities
  2. For students to earn degrees and immediately enter the workforce
  3. For industry professionals to obtain the training required in their fields and to advance in their careers


The new Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Center will be constructed to meet the immediate needs and requirements of employers locally and globally. Businesses are experiencing growth in requests for products, the retirement of long-time employees and the expectation of modernization by their customers.

Through the new center, CCM will provide a quality pipeline of skilled workers to help meet the demand for professionals in the field.


The center will include:

  • Prototyping Labs
  • Automation and Control Lab
  • Quality Control/Measurement Lab
  • 3-D Printer Room
  • Welding Lab
  • Professional Conference Rooms and Student Spaces
  • Emerging Technology Space
  • Electronic labs

To name the Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Center: $1.5 million

  • Prototyping Center: $500,000
  • Sheet Metal Lab and Project Room: $250,000
  • Welding Lab: $250,000
  • Corporate Welcoming Center: $100,000
  • Quality Control, Measurement and Materials Testing Lab: $100,000
  • Auto Controls and Robotics Lab: $75,000
  • Electronics Devices Labs (2): $75,000 each
  • Maker Space: $50,000
  • Student Collaborative Space: $50,000
  • Analysis Lab: $50,000
  • General Purpose Lab and Lecture Room: $50,000
  • General Purpose Classrooms (2): $25,000 each
  • Large Conference Room: $25,000
  • Administrative Leadership Suite: $25,000
  • Small Conference Room: $15,000
  • Faculty Offices and break room (5): $10,000
  • Student Break Room: $10,000
Engineering Lab