In this era of financial uncertainty, wouldn’t it be satisfying to enjoy guaranteed fixed income for life and, at the same time, earmark a gift for charity? The County College of Morris Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity Program allows you to do just that. It is a unique way to make a gift – one that can increase your steady supplemental income, give you a substantial tax deduction, and lower the taxes on the monthly or quarterly payments you receive. You can make a charitable gift to the County College of Morris and, at the same time, receive monthly payments that are higher than you may already be receiving from other investments. For example, you can gift highly appreciated stock to the County College of Morris and turn it into a Gift Annuity that will provide you an immediate tax deduction and guaranteed interest income for life.


For more information on the County College of Morris Gift Annuity Program, please call the Foundation office at (973) 328-5060 or email


For a copy of our Gift Annuity brochure, click here.