Major: Communcation
Class of 2012

"Studying communications at CCM has made me a better coach."


County College of Morris (CCM) alumnus Brian Capriola, ’14, says studying communication at the college helped him land his Brian Capriola, CCM alumnus, becomes the head coach for Harrison High School's football program.dream job and work effectively as head coach of the Harrison High School Football Program.

“My experiences at CCM are what I feel separates me from many other coaches. My success in coaching is very much the result of effective communication skills,” says Capriola.

Capriola began playing football when he was in 5th grade. He was the captain of the Parsippany Hills High School team. “I loved the game. But I knew that I would not play in college; it killed me.”

It was clear that Capriola would need to stay home after graduation to help in the family restaurant instead of pursuing a football career. He gave higher education a shot at William Paterson University but left because he was not succeeding academically.

“In the summer of 2012, I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll just talk to someone at CCM,’” Capriola recalls. Faculty in the Communication department provided him with a manageable schedule while he worked full-time to pay for his classes. “I realized that every opportunity to succeed was at CCM.”

After graduating in 2014 with an associate degree in communications, Capriola went on to receive a bachelor's degree in communications and media studies from William Paterson University a year later.

While visiting a friend who was coaching in Texas, Capriola realized how much he wanted to be a coach himself. “I knew that coaching was the way that I could use my education to offer a new perspective to the football community.”

Prior to joining Harrison High School as its football coach, Capriola held the position of assistant coach at Mountain Lakes High School, Bayonne High School, Saint Peter’s Prep and William Paterson University.

“Studying communications at CCM has only made me a better coach,” he says. “The professors taught me to love writing and logic, and to discover how I could practically use these skills in my profession.”

Capriola firmly believes that coaching encompasses those things daily. “A lot of coaches today make their jobs too difficult. Coaching almost all comes down to good communication and sound logic.”

Capriola is enthusiastic about this next step in his coaching career. “I am excited to have the opportunity to use the skills that I have gained through previous coaching positions and my education as the new head coach at Harrison High.”

The head coach now encourages other students to start at CCM as well. “CCM offers a premier education at an incredible value. And that money saved will be available to them for years to come,” says Capriola. “If students are looking at CCM, they are making an extremely wise decision.”