Marine Corps Veteran Sets a New Pathway to Success at CCM

After leaving the Marine Corps where he worked in logistics and transportation for eight years, Ray Martinelli, of Flanders, discovered that finding employment was a challenge. Most businesses today, he notes, want people with a Man in a suit and tiecollege degree. So, he turned to County College of Morris (CCM) to earn an associate in business administration. Now program manager for the transportation, logistics and distribution talent network for the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, he says “I would not be where I am today without County College of Morris.”

As the father of three young girls and in his mid-40s, he attended CCM in the evenings while working as a consultant with a healthcare company near Bethlehem, PA.

“You do what you can to advance your family,” he says. “It was a lot to juggle and still keep a good GPA and become part of the college’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, but everyone at County College of Morris was always willing to assist, especially the Veterans Service department.”

Headed by Jan Caffie, dean of students, the Veterans Services department at CCM assists veterans with making full use of their educational benefits. Martinelli explains that Caffie and her staff walked him through the process, helped with the paperwork and worked closely with his V.A. representative, so he could obtain his benefits, while also advising him on how to make the best use of his time at CCM.

“Dean Caffie and the Veterans Services team were the key reason I was able to succeed at CCM,” he says.

Along with working full-time, Martinelli now is working on a bachelor’s degree in business through an online program offered by the University of Alabama. His credits from CCM, he says, easily transferred over to the bachelor’s program, adding to the value of his associate degree.

“I feel very strongly that it was a wise investment to earn my degree from County College of Morris,” he says.

As a student at CCM, he also met a fellow classmate who was a high school student taking college courses to get a jump-start on a higher education.

“I have three girls who absolutely are going to start taking courses at CCM while they are still in high school,” he says. “Higher education is all about progressing in life and I want them to have that advantage.”

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