Maureen Sutton


Maureen Sutton

Academic Rank:
Associate Professor


Business, Mathematics, Engineering & Technologies

Office: CH 204C

Phone: 973-328-5675

Education: MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University B.A., Rutgers University

The business world offers many rewards and experiences, says Maureen Sutton, associate professor of the Business Department.

Sutton worked for AT&T for almost 20 years. When she left AT&T, she was a division manager and was responsible for funding operations in Europe, South America, and Asia. She traveled to many U.S cities, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and London.

“Of all the places I traveled, Hong Kong was my favorite, “Sutton commented, “The city is beautiful and very modern. It is very easy for an American to navigate because many of its residents speak English. And the restaurants are wonderful!” However, business travel is not without its challenges. Her most difficult experience was when she had to sleep on the floor of the Houston airport when it closed due to a storm.
She enjoyed her work but was bitten by the teaching bug while still at AT&T. “AT&T had a Financial Leadership Program hiring people out of college and grooming them. I taught several classes in the program and really liked it.”

Sutton relates very strongly to the students who enter her classes to better their lives. “My dad did not graduate from high school,” she says. “He had to drop out in tenth grade because his father died during the Great Depression. He always emphasized education because it could open a world of opportunities. And it did so for me.”