Summer Pell Awards for Students

Summer Aid Intent Notice completion for early awarding

Our office request that students who have already filed the current year’s FAFSA, who plan to register for the summer, notify us by completing the CCM Summer Aid Request Form  (not an application for federal aid).   Students who have NOT filed their FAFSA must do so, paying close attention to the FAFSA filing year.  Example: Attending summer 2022, you must file the 2021-22 FAFSA.  Completion of the summer request form is an option; however doing so, allows our office sufficient time to determine eligibility prior to registering for classes.

Pell Grants for Summer Terms

Attention: Students must register for their CCM degree or approved certificate program required classes.

Funding for Year-Round Pell has been reinstated.  This means that students can receive additional Pell for summer terms within the academic year. This can allow you to stay on track for graduation or even to complete your Associates degree early, with remaining eligibility (based on FAFSA filing, EFC index) when continuing on toward your Bachelors degree. However, to earn your remaining Pell Grant you have to be registered for at least six credits during the summer, unless you registered for fewer credits during the fall, winter and or spring terms you may remain eligible.

The program is known as Year Round Pell and students may receive a Pell Grant for up to 150 percent of their scheduled award. For example if you are awarded $6,495 for the year, then under the Year Round Pell program students may receive up to $3,247 for attending college in the summer.

Students taking less than 6 credits during the summer, may be eligible for a Pell Grant award if they have filed the upcoming year’s FAFSA, are Pell eligible and have remaining Pell Lifetime Eligibility Usage (LEU) left.

Eligibility for Year Round Pell

To be eligible for a summer Pell Grant, you must:

  • Have completed a FAFSA
  • Be Pell Grant eligible
  • Enroll in your eligible program (major) required summer classes
  • Enroll at least 6 credit
  • Be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Have lifetime Pell Grant eligibility remaining
  • Register for CCM degree or approved certificate required classes

LifeTime Pell Eligibility

The maximum time frame that students may receive a Pell Grant is equivalent of 12 full-time semesters (12 + credits per term) or 600 percent (six years), or until a bachelors degree is received, whichever comes first. Summer Pell awards will apply towards the Lifetime Eligibility Used (LEU). One full-time semester of a Pell award is equal to 50 percent. To check your remaining Pell, log onto using your FSA ID. The Federal government measures this in the following manner:

If a Pell Grant is disbursed in a semester:

Credits Attempted Lifetime Eligibility Used
Full-time enrollment (12 credits or more) 50.0%
Three Quarters time enrollment (9-11 credits) 37.5%
Half-time enrollment (6-8 credits) 25.0%
Quarter-time enrollment (3-5 credits) 12.5%

Minimum Credits for Summer Pell

  • If you enrolled full-time (12+ credits) and received the full-time Pell Grant amount for fall and spring, you must enroll at least half-time (6 credits) in summer classes to receive the remainder summer Pell Grant.
  • If you enrolled part-time fall or spring, there is no minimum credit requirement to receive a summer Pell Grant. You can use the remainder of your annual Pell Grant amount during summer with no minimum credit requirement.


Examples of how Year Round Pell Works

Below are various scenarios in which a student is awarded Year-Round Pell based on receiving the maximum Pell Grant (0 EFC) of $6,495 for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Student 1

Term *Fall Spring Summer
Credits Taken 12 credits (full time) 12 credits (full time) 6 credits
Pell Award $3248 $3247 $1624
LEU Used 50% 50% 25%


Student 2

Term *Fall Spring Summer
Credits Taken 12 credits (full time) 9 credits (3/4 time) 6 credits
Pell Award $3248 $2435 $1624
LEU Used 50% 37.5% 25%


Student 3

Term *Fall Spring Summer
Credits Taken 12 credits (full time) 12 credits (full time) 12 credits
Pell Award $3248 $3247 $3247
LEU Used 50% 50% 50%


 Student 4

Term *Fall Winter Spring Summer
Credits Taken 12 credits 6 credits 9 credits 3 credits
Pell Award $3248 $1624 $2435 $812
LEU Used 50% 25% 37.5% 12.5%

*$ rounded up


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pell Grant?

The Federal Pell Grants usually are awarded only to undergraduate students with exceptional financial need based on their FAFSA results who have not earned a bachelor’s or higher degree. In addition to not defaulting on their repayment of the Federal Stafford loan if they were a continuing student, prior borrower.  To learn more visit

Why did my Summer Pell award get reduced?

There is a lifetime aggregate limit of six years for Pell or its part-time equivalent.  If you are close to or have reached that limit, you will not be eligible for or see a reduction in your summer Pell award.

Will I Need to Submit a Summer Pell Form in Order to be Eligible?

No. Year Round Pell does not require a separate form, it only requires that you file a FAFSA.

How can I check my Pell Lifetime Eligibility Usage (LEU)?

Check the Federal Student Aid website for more information about and how to view your Pell LEU usage.

What if I transferred from another college, matriculating at CCM for the summer, am I eligible?

Transfer CCM degree-seeking students may be eligible for Pell during the summer, based on their remaining eligibility for that school year if awarded Pell prior to transferring. Note: FAFSA school code change required, naming County College of Morris or entering our school code: 007106, allowing us access to your FAFSA results for awarding.

I can take only one class or fewer than six credits this summer, can I still receive a Pell Award?

You can enroll for fewer than six credits and still get a Pell award, if you have remaining Pell LEU eligibility, have filed a FAFSA, and been awarded a Pell grant.

Can I take 6 credits from two different summer sessions in order to be considered half-time?

Yes. If you can combine them towards the 6 credit minimum requirement for Year Round Pell.

What happens to the Pell Grant if I don’t enroll in Summer and what happens if I don’t use it for summer?

Any Pell Grant or portion that is not used (disbursed) for the summer will not be counted towards the Pell Grant lifetime limit.

Will summer Pell affect my 2022-23 Pell Grant or future eligibility?

It will not affect the 2022-23 eligibility amount but it will affect a student’s Pell LEU (Lifetime Eligibility Used).  In other words, using the Pell Grant for summer will reduce a student’s remaining eligibility for the remainder of their academic program.

What happens if I drop or withdraw from my classes in the summer while receiving Pell?

Payment of a summer session Pell Grant depends on your attendance in the classes you are enrolled in. Dropping or withdrawing or stop attending classes may reduce or cancel your award(s), resulting in a tuition balance owed to the college by you out of pocket.  If you receive Pell for enrolled classes and you fail to attend, you will have to return those funds immediately to the college. View our Withdrawal Policy for Financial Aid Recipients.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have any additional questions, view Titans Direct-Financial Aid for your current status with our office. Or try CCM Chatbot “Ask Titus Talks” or view our Frequently Asked Questions or Presentations or email us at