County College of Morris (CCM) is committed to providing individuals with safe and accessible campus restrooms and with choices about restroom usage. Toward that end, several single stall restrooms are located throughout the campus and additional gender neutral restrooms will be provided as part of the future renovation of buildings.

Gender Neutral Restrooms at CCM

  • Music Technology Center (MTC):
    • 1 on the first floor to the right of the main entrance.
    • 2 on the second floor outside the department offices.
  • Learning Resource Center (LRC):
    • Located on the first floor near LRC 122 at the lower entrance stair to the Media Center
  • Health and Physical Education Building (HPE):
    • Located on the upper level to the right of the main entrance across from the gym.
  • Academic Complex (DeMare, Sheffield, Cohen, and Emeriti Complex)
    • Located on the second floor near CH 266 in Cohen Hall.
  • New Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering Building (AME)
    • Located in the Corridor connecting the two building entrances.
  • Early stage planning:
    • The College is looking to add additional gender neutral restrooms in the Academic Complex by including them as part of future renovations in the buildings.