Christine StaverProfessor  

Engineering Technologies and Engineering Science

A long-time teacher, Professor Christine Staver of Flemington is known for the energy and wealth of knowledge she brings to her astronomy, meteorology and physics classes. At a young age, Staver knew she wanted to teach science and math.

“I always liked math and science,” said Staver.  “My father was an engineer and now my daughter is one too.”

 As a young student, Staver specifically focused on math and science. When she began her higher education, however, her course of study changed along the way as she discovered a passion for physics.

She attended Indiana University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Physics and Math and then Arizona State University where she received her Master of Science in Physics. 

After a short time working in research, she decided it wasn’t for her and that she wanted to enter the world of education and share her knowledge with others.

While teaching at a community college in Wyoming, one of her colleagues introduced her to meteorology, something she never thought of doing before. She then enrolled at Pennsylvania State University to pursue another master’s degree – this time in meteorology.

“It’s amazing how life takes you in different directions and you never know where you will end up,” says Staver.

After completing her ninth year of college, she moved to New Jersey with her husband.  She taught science at Madison and Millburn high schools before joining the CCM faculty in 1983.

She began as a physics and astronomy professor at CCM.  However, when the college introduced its aviation program, Staver was tapped to teach the meteorology course.

As is the case with most good teachers, Staver considers her biggest challenge making sure every student does well.  Nevertheless, her biggest challenge is also one of her biggest joys. 

She recalls with pride a student who had little knowledge of meteorology who took her class and then changed her major to meteorology and went on to earn her master’s degree in the same subject.

With more than 30 years of teaching experience, the classroom is where Staver thrives.

“After a few years doing research, I discovered that I probably didn’t ever want to leave college, which explains why I’m still here.”