Church Choir #3Exhibition Explores Traversing the Past

Hrvoje Slovenc, professor of photographer at County College of Morris (CCM), is part of a three-person exhibition, “Traversing the Past: Adam Golfer, Diana Matar, Hrvoje Slovenc,” at the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago.

The exhibit, which runs through April 1, explores the photographers’ family stories of political turmoil, violence and displacement. Golfer, Matar and Slovenc convey the experiences of their family originating from World War II, the Qaddafi regime in Libya and the Croatian War of Independence respectively.

Slovenc’s photo project, titled “Croatian Rhapsody: Borderlands,” broaches the turbulent past of his homeland, specifically the Croatian War of Independence (1991–95) and its aftermath, as he investigates issues of identity through the lens of someone who left his country at a time of unrest and rebuilding and now returns to experience his birthplace as at once familiar and alienating.

Slovenc earned his MFA from Yale School of Art and his B.A. from The City College of the CUNY.

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Photo: Church Choir #3, 2014, 4”x5” B&W negative, pigmented ink print
Credit: Hrvoje Slovenc