A Community Resource to Inform and Educate

Microphone on standCounty College of Morris (CCM) provides an easy-to-use online Faculty Speakers Bureau to help civic organizations, nonprofits and other groups find informative speakers to educate audiences.

The bureau features more than 30 full-time CCM faculty members who can speak on a wide range of topics, including American roots music, the art of memory, critical care nursing, cybersecurity, economics, fantasy and myth, journalism, landscaping, public relations, STEM careers and much more.

The service was implemented in the fall of 2015 as part of CCM’s mission to provide the larger community with exceptional programs and services.

Those interested in securing a speaker can visit the online Faculty Speaker Bureau at www.ccm.edu/faculty-speaker-bureau to select a topic and contact the appropriate faculty member to arrange for time, location, equipment and any other details related to the desired event.