October 1 – November 18, 2021

Main Gallery


Paul Rabinowitz Photo


“Retrospective with Reading Glasses” is a mixed media exhibition that uses a combination of photographs, video, and short poems by Paul Rabinowitz to tell the story of an evolving artist. The exhibition is divided into multiple rooms, each one its own chapter of the artist’s progression: starting off with more classical black and white photos and moving through to color photos.

The pictures become grittier and more saturated as the artist finds his own voice. The poetry that accompanies the photos tell a similar story, the speaker often addressing a familiar “you” (which can be interpreted by the reader as themselves, the artist, the model in the photograph, or even a loved one).

The size of the text is in small font so the visitor must use reading glasses or lean in close to read the poetry. Reading glasses are an instrument that make clear what’s already on the page; this carefully curated exhibit does the same, as it will show the story of growth, evolution, and bravery already apparent in Paul’s raw materials.