We are Making an Impact in the Lives of Children

Elementary school teacher working with student at deak with tablet

Teacher among kids with computers in elementary school class

Teachers play a critical role in the lives of children and can have a profound and lasting impact on the students they teach. The qualities of a good teacher are good communication skills, empathy, compassion and collaboration. At County College of Morris (CCM), the emphasis in its K-12 Teacher Education programs is on preparing individuals to assist children in growing their potential and imaginations through mentorship, inspiration and creativity.

“Our Teacher Education curriculum provides first-hand experience and active participation in diverse and inclusive classroom settings,” says Professor John Williford, chair of the Psychology & Education department. “Although most of the courses are in the student’s area of specialization, specific teacher education courses provide the foundation for our students to succeed as professional educators.”

At CCM, students can select from 10 areas of specialization: Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics, Physical Education/Health Education, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish and Visual Arts.

With an associate degree, students may enter the workforce as substitute teachers, paraprofessionals and other related support positions in education. For those who want to become certified teachers, the next step is to transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree. CCM has transfer agreements with numerous colleges and universities in the state to make that process seamless and easy.

In New Jersey, there is a growing demand for English as a Second Language, World Language, Mathematics, and Science teachers, according to the U.S. Department of Education. The entry-level salary for teachers in the state ranges from $44,363 to $58,680, and experienced teachers earn between $61,429 to $81,254 based on where they teach and whether they have earned additional credentials. To learn more about CCM’s Teacher Education programs, visit https://bit.ly/TeacherEdCCM/.