Empowering Dreams, Bridging Futures for Morristown Students

Group photo at press conference

Announcing the Partnership at a Press Conference on Tuesday, October 3.


County College of Morris (CCM) and the Morris School District announce the Morristown College Promise (MCP) Program, a partnership committed to helping motivated, income-qualified middle and high school students and their families by offering free services, such as tutoring and mentoring, while preparing students to go to college. A press conference to officially launch the partnership was held on Tuesday, October 3 at 11:30 a.m. at Morristown High School, joined by state, county and local officials and administrators.

“As the community’s college, CCM’s college promise programs are designed to ensure all students have access to a great education,” said Dr. Anthony J. Iacono, President of CCM. “CCM, the Morris School District and the community are committed to ensuring more students are college ready, have access and can affordably achieve their educational and career goals.”

Senator Anthony Bucco, Legislative District 25, was extremely pleased admitting, “The partnerships like these that CCM has formed, put Morris County on the map and sets the stage for the rest of the state to follow. Setting these young minds on a path while still in high school alleviates the stress and fears of college and encourages them to go further with their education.”

“The Morris School District serves a student body that is 35% first generation and the Morristown College Promise Program takes direct aim at removing barriers through practical support systems that help guide students to a successful college experience and future career,” added Dr. Anne Mucci, Superintendent of Schools, Morris School District.

“The partnership between CCM and Morris School District is a significant milestone in our commitment to education and the future of our youth. I am excited to see the transformational efforts of this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on the lives of countless students,” said Angelica Allen-McMillan, Ed.D., Acting Commissioner, Department of Education enthusiastically.

CCM has been recognized as #1 for Best Associate Degrees in the state and Best for Transfer Students in New Jersey by Intelligent, and many of its programs have gained national recognition.

“This program is an example of walking the talk in Morris County. It encourages students to not give up and helps them get beyond their obstacles,” stated Honorable John Krickus, County Commissioner Director.

CCM began the Promise Programs in 2020 during the pandemic and looks to continue expanding and partnering with other high schools in Morris County.

“CCM is thrilled to expand into Morristown,” comments Iacono proudly, “and MCP would not be possible without community partnerships.”

“We talk about how we are in many ways reformatting post-secondary education to adapt to students’ needs, but there’s no question it remains the best investment we can make by helping students attend college,” commented Assemblywoman Aura Dunn, Legislative District 25.

Special thanks to the Mimi Washington Starrett Foundation as the inaugural funder of the program’s expansion into Morristown and to the Morris School District for welcoming CCM to the high school.

“County College of Morris is a leader in connecting members of the community with available resources so they may thrive in all areas of life. The Mimi Washington Starrett Foundation is very proud to partner with the CCM Foundation in support of the expansion of the College Promise Program into Morristown, helping students and their families realize the potential their future may hold,” commented Sarah Ahart, President of Mimi Washington Starrett Foundation.

Questions about MCP can be directed to Julian Gomez, Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and the EOF Program at CCM, (973) 328-5271, jgomez@ccm.edu.

To learn more about CCM, one of the Top 5 Best Colleges in New Jersey and the Best for Transfer Students by Intelligent, visit www.ccm.edu.