Mission Statement

County College of Morris is committed to excellence in teaching and lifelong learning through the delivery of exceptional programs and services to our students and to the larger community that reflect a dedication to inclusiveness and diversity, educational advancement, cultural enrichment and workforce development.

Overarching Vision

To lead the nation’s community colleges by designing intentionally integrated and enriching experiences for all people seeking a path to their preferred future.

Values Statement

A college offering a palette of possibilities that inspire and equip learners to navigate their future.

A workplace where everyone has worth and the capacity to achieve and support the growth of themselves, colleagues, students and the community.

An institution that leverages resources in support of being a premier college in the nation.

An economic engine unleashing innovation to bring transformational change to people’s lives.

An organization where our communication generates a positive culture of clear, effective and purposeful interactions.

A community partner cultivating a synergistic relationship with the communities we serve.

Equity Statement

Equity means the intentional design of the college experience, including the promotion of diversity and inclusion as well as the elimination of discrimination, to ensure that all members of the CCM community receive what they need to succeed. An inclusive environment that provides access to and delivery of high-quality education is the right of all individuals and is imperative for a prosperous society. Accordingly, County College of Morris has an obligation to be aware of and to address issues of inequity, particularly for underserved and underrepresented populations. To achieve equity for all, County College of Morris is committed to developing and sustaining a culture, and engaging in practices, that provide appropriate support to remove barriers that limit opportunities.