Student working at home on computerCounty College of Morris (CCM) Honors Study is an excellent way to enrich your academic experience. As a CCM Honors student, you will be able develop your special talents, interact with other individuals with similar abilities, enjoy an intensive and stimulating learning atmosphere, and establish a close working relationship with your professors and advisor.

Our honors faculty members are experts in their respective fields and earned their degrees from such prestigious institutions as Boston University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Rutgers University, Stanford University and Tufts University.

CCM offers both full- and part-time students an opportunity to take honors courses and/or earn an Honors degree in their major or program of study. You may take honors or honors option courses in a particular area of interest or a broad number of courses to earn an Honors degree. CCM Honors Study students also can apply for honors scholarships set aside for academic excellence.

Special recognition of Honors Study is indicated on transcripts and on the diplomas of those who attain an Honors degree.

Earn an Honors Degree

To earn an Honors degree, students enrolled in Associate of Applied Science programs must complete 16 credits of honors courses distributed among the areas of communication, humanities, social science, mathematics and science. Students enrolled in Associate of Arts, Associate of Fine Arts, and Associate of Science programs must complete 21 credits distributed among the same disciplines.

Students can apply to take honors courses or seek an Honors degree directly from high school or while enrolled at the college. Admission from high school requires an SAT score of at least 1100 or ACT equivalent and/or graduation in the top 20 percent of the class. Current students can contact the honors coordinator to determine their eligibility.

Transfer Record

CCM has Honors relationships with outstanding four-year colleges and universities to ease the process of transferring credits. CCM Honors students have transferred to such prestigious colleges and universities as Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Northwestern University and Yale University.

Contact Information

Students interested in Honors Study should contact the Honors Advisor, Professor Laura Gabrielsen, to schedule an advisement meeting. She can be reached at .