Accessibility Services provides an interactive intake process for students to learn the specifics of their qualifying accommodations and how to use them here at CCM. Students will learn the differences between High School and College services, how to notify their professors, and options for testing. Please contact our office to set up a meeting to discuss services.

CCM recognizes that students with documented physical, sensory, psychological, medical, learning or other disabilities may require accommodations to meet their learning potential. Accessibility Services is designed to offer accommodations that provide equal access to college classes and services.

Reasonable accommodations may include any or all of the following:

  • extended time on exams;
  • alternative to print materials;
  • note taking services;
  • adaptive technology

To qualify for accommodations a student should provide documentation that shows that they have an impairment that limits a major life activity.

Additional services, not covered by ADA, but offered through our office include an individualized mentoring program designed to help students strengthen study and organizational skills. These services are offered on a request only, first come, first serve basis. Registration assistance is done in conjunction with the office of Academic Advisement on a case by case basis, and students are encouraged to take advantage of courses offered by the college in order to strengthen college success skills and tools.