Open House – Saturday, April 15, 2023  9:00am – 1:30pm

Engage with faculty members to discuss academic programs and career plans

Connect with the Student Services team to discover the many resources available to support your success

Learn about the application and registration process and have your questions answered

Explore the campus and tour our outstanding facilities and state of the art labs with the cutting-edge equipment & technology you will need to prepare for your future

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Summer 2023

Early Start 5 Week May 22 – June 26 17-May 21-May
Full 10 Week May 23 – August 1 18-May 22-May
Late Start 5 Week June 27 – August 1 22-June 26-June
7 Week June 28 – August 15 23-June 27-June

Fall 2023

Full 15 Week August 31 – December 16 28-Aug 30-Aug
Early Start 7 Week August 31 – October 18 28-Aug 30-Aug
Late Start 7 Week October 25 – December 16 20-Oct 24-Oct