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Financial Aid Calculator Link

FinAid’s custom calculators can help you figure out how much school will cost, how much you need to save and how much aid you’ll need.  Access calculating your financial aid calculator here.  

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CCM FAO Disclaimer- Results based on the use of  online “College Price/Aid Calculators” may not reflect your final aid eligibility.  Also please feel free to use the amounts  indicated on the colleges link for your “cost of education” projections.

FAFSA on the Web 

Apply for federal student aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) opens the door to the federal financial aid process application on the web. Every step you can take gets you closer to achieving your education goals. Find out what you can expect from beginning to end.

NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA)

NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA)

Students & Parents – “Explore the many ways a college or graduate education can take you where you want to go.”


Tax Benefits for Education

Attention Students and Parents!


The American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) is a partially refundable tax credit of up to $2,500 each year for out-of-pocket higher education expenses including course materials, tuition, and fees for the first four years of college.
To learn more about the American Opportunity Tax Credit, click Here

Federal Direct Loan Program (DL)

Federal Student Aid Information Link

This site is for completing the Federal (subsidized/unsubsidized & Parental PLUS) Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (Application).  For online completion, you will be required to use your U.S. Department of Education issued FSA ID (This is the same FSA ID used to file your application for aid (fafsa).

Note: All borrowers are required to complete an undergraduate Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling in addition to their Direct Loan Master Promissory Note  and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Guide to Defaulted Student Loans 

Student loan borrowers in default now have more options than ever before to repay their student loans. The U.S. Department of Education’s Collections Department is committed to assisting those in default by making repayment of their debts a simple process. 

U.S. Department of Education

Link to U.S. Department of Education Website

…the single most authoritative source of financial aid information… for students and their families as they consider going to college…a glowing example of U.S. tax dollars being put to good use.” Click Here to visit ED.GOV