The Math Center is located on the first floor of DeMare Hall, DH 156 inside the Tutoring Center.  Tutoring is conducted by both peer and faculty tutors. Services include one-on-one tutoring appointments, walk-ins, weekly reviews and group tutoring sessions in various subjects.

If you wish to schedule an appointment, please visit our scheduling page. The Math Center also offers walk-in times throughout the week (no appointment needed) and workshops for both individual and group tutoring.

Any questions, call 973-328-5367 or stop by DeMare Hall 156.

Need to make an appointment for writing and/or science tutoring? 

Visit the Writing/English/Speech Center Tutoring page

Visit the Science Center Tutoring page

Workshops and Weekly Group Tutoring sessions are held throughout the Spring and Fall Semesters, no appointment necessary. Come with questions, problems, or just to review and reinforce your last class! Listed below are the dates and times for the FALL 2019 Workshops and Weekly Reviews. 


  • Math Anxiety- Thursday, 10/10/19, 12:30-2:00, DH 158, with Prof. Cartano
  • Factoring – Tuesday, 10/15/19, 12:30-1:30, DH 158, with Prof. Wolfgang



  • Mondays:  Math for Liberal Arts (MAT 120) –  2:30-4 pm, DH 163, with Prof. Wheatley

Calculus I (MAT 131) – 9:30-10:30 am, DH 163, with Prof. Wolfgang

  • Tuesdays: Intermediate (MAT 016) and College (MAT 110) Algebra –  11 am – 12 pm, CH 157, with Prof. Chambers

Pre-Calculus (MAT 123) – 11 am – 12 pm, CH 257, with Prof. Thurman

  • Wednesdays: Pre-Calculus (MAT 123) – 11 am – 12 pm, DH 165, with Prof. Cecala
  • Thursdays: Calculus II (MAT 132) – 8-9 am, DH 161, with Prof. Suck