My course is closed, what can I do?

The waitlist feature on Titans Direct will allow students the opportunity to add themselves to a list of students who want to register for a class that is closed. If a seat becomes available, the first student on the waitlist will receive an email to their CCM email account letting them know a seat has become available. If the student chooses not to register, or does not register by the expiration date (noted in the email), the next student on the waitlist is offered the seat. If more than one seat becomes available, students are offered seats in the order in which they were added to the waitlist.


Key Points About Waitlisting:

  • Waitlisting does not guarantee a seat will become available in a course
  • When a seat becomes available, the first student on the waitlist is notified via CCM email and is given an expiration date and time to register themselves in the class. If the student does not register by the expiration date/time the next student on the waitlist will be offered the seat.
  • It’s essential that students monitor their CCM email account daily so they can act when a seat becomes available.
  • If a seat becomes available and you are on a hold or you haven’t met the pre-requisites for the course, the system will stop you from registering.


How it Works

  • If a class is closed, you can waitlist classes via your Titans Direct account by selecting “Waitlist” instead of “Register”. The system will prompt you with a message.
  • If a seat becomes available, you will receive an automated message to your CCM email account alerting you that a seat is available. The email will have an expiration date/time that you must register by or you forfeit your seat.
  • To register for the seat, log into Titans Direct, you will now see “Permission to Register” next to the class where the seat is available. Select “Register”. You will receive an acknowledgement email confirming that you have registered and made a change to your schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions about Waitlisting

 Do all CCM courses have waitlists?

No, some CCM courses do not have a waitlist (e.g. Nursing (NUR), Radiography (RAD) and Respiratory Therapy (RTH) courses). If a waitlist is available, you will see the following message when you attempt to register for the closed class section:

“Course filled. Either add to the wait list or look for an available section”.


Does being on a waitlist guarantee me a seat?

No, being on a waitlist does not guarantee you a seat. It only indicates your preference to be enrolled in the course if a seat should become available.  There is no guarantee a seat will become available.


Will I be charged for a class if I’m on the waitlist?

No, you will only be charged tuition and fees if you actually register for the class.


Are course co-requisite and prerequisite rules and other registration restrictions checked before I can waitlist for a class section?

You will be able to put yourself on the waitlist however, the rules and restrictions will be checked at the point of registration (should a seat become available).


Is there a limit to the number of students who can add themselves to a waitlist?

Yes, a maximum of 10 students can waitlist for a course section.


Can I add myself to more than one waitlist?

You can put yourself on waitlists for different courses. Example:

  • YES – waitlist a CMP101 section and waitlist a BUS112 section