The only community college in the state recognized as a certifying institution by the National Security Agency’s Committee on National Security Standards and Department of Homeland Security, CCM seeks to create a state-of-the art technology center with courses in network security, digital forensics and information-security management.

As a part of our Emerging Technologies Program that offers a versatile curriculum to stay ahead of the latest technology and business trends, the Cyber Security Center is working to help close the 1.8 million workforce gap by 2022 by training cybersecurity analysts and technicians.


Cyber Security CenterThe Cyber Security Suite will include:

  • Two new Security Labs
  • Professional Conference Area
  • New computers
  • New security and forensic software
  • New routers and servers
  • Designated and restricted LAN

Available Naming Opportunities

Cyber Security Labs $50,000

Professional Conference Area $25,000

Cyber Security Lab Computer Stations (2) $25,000

Cyber Security Student Hardware Components $10,000

Cyber Security and Forensic Software $10,000

Cyber Security Designated and Restricted LAN $5,000

Cyber Security Routers and Servers $2,000

Cyber Security Suite