Setting Up Voice Mail for your Mailbox:

Press messages button
Press *
Enter your mailbox number
Press #
Enter your password 12345
Follow prompts and you will be able to change the password and record message.

Entering Voice Mail from your Phone on campus
Press message button
Press the * key
Enter your extension followed by #
Enter your PIN/Password
Press #
Follow prompts

Entering Voice Mail from another phone on campus
Press the messages button
Press the * key
Enter phone extension
Press #
Enter your password
Press #

Entering Voice Mail System off-campus:
Call your own number or dial 973-328-5355
Press * key
Enter mailbox number (extension)
Press #
Enter password
Press #
Follow prompts

Accessing Voice Mail Messages, Changing Password, Greetings, etc.
Enter your Voice Mailbox
4 – Setup Options
1 – Greetings
1 – Standard Greeting
2 – Alternate Greeting – to be used when you are away from the office.
To enter an end date and time – press 1
To enter a month and day press 9
Enter month as a number from 1-12 followed by #
Enter the day of the month as a number from 1-30 followed by #
Enter the time to the minute. When you have finished press #
For AM press 1
For PM press 1
Follow prompts (on how to record message)
To turn off alternate greeting (if end date not entered):
4 – Set up options
1 – Greetings
To turn off alternate greeting press 2
2 – Message Settings
3 – Personal Settings
1 – Change Password
2 – Change Recorded Name

Transferring a Caller to another extension:
Transfer button
Type extension number
Transfer button

Skipping to end of message

If no answer, while listening to message, press the # key to access mailbox

Transferring a Caller to someone’s Voice Mail:
During a call:
Transfer button
Enter Ext. Number
Transfer button

Call Forward All (Call Forward)
Press CFwdALL
Type Extension
To turn off, press CFwdALL


Phone Off Campus (i.e. Cell Phone)
Press CFwdALL
Type 1+phone number (i.e. 973-555-1234)
To turn off, press CFwdALL

Clearing Your Voice Mailbox When it is Full

If callers report that your mailbox is not taking messages because the mailbox is full, please follow the procedure below.  You will need to delete saved messages and then empty the deleted messages.

To Delete Saved Messages:

  • Enter your mailbox and press 3 (saved messages) and delete each saved message that you no longer wish to save

To Empty Deleted messages:

  • Enter your mailbox and press 3 for saved messages
  • For deleted messages, press 2
  • To erase, press 2
  • Your deleted messages will be permanently deleted.  To permanently delete them, press 1.
  • Next, press 1 to delete voice messages