Setting Up Voice Mail for Your Mailbox

Press Messages button
Press *
Enter your PIN (extension #)
Press #
Enter your temporary password, 12345. You will be prompted to create a password, speak your name and create a message.

Entering Voice Mail System Off Campus

Call your own number or dial 973-328-5355
Press * key
Enter your ID (Extension#)
Press #
Enter your PIN
Press #
Follow prompts

Transferring a Caller to Another Extension

Transfer button
Type extension number
Transfer button

Transferring a Caller to Someone’s Voice Mail

During a call:
Transfer button
Enter extension number
Transfer button

Accessing Voice Mail Messages, Changing Password, Greeting, etc.

Enter your Voice Mailbox:
4 – Setup Options
1 – Greetings
1 – Standard Greeting


2 – Alternate Greeting – to be used when you are away from the office.
2 – Message Settings
3 – Personal Settings
1 – Change Password
2 – Change Recorded Name

Call Forward All (Call Forward)

To Another Extension
Type Extension
To turn off, press CFWDALL


Phone Off Campus (i.e. Cell Phone)
Type 1+phone number (i.e. 19735551234)
To turn off, press CFWDALL