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Active Minds
This student group aims to increase the awareness of the campus community about issues surrounding mental health symptoms related to mental health disorders and various mental health resources both at CCM and elsewhere.


Alpha Beta Gamma (Rho Chapter)

ABG is the International Business Honor Society established to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students in business curricula.


Alpha Mu Gamma (Xi Upsilon Chapter)
AMG is the national collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society established to recognize   achievement in the field of foreign languages, American Sign Language (ASL) and English as a Second Language (ESL). It encourages interest in the study of foreign languages, ESL, ASL, literatures and civilizations.


Art Club
The Art Club allows CCM students to learn more about art and design through guest speakers, on-campus programs, field trips to museums and educational activities. The Art Club coordinates an annual student art show for the campus community.



ASEZ carries out diverse projects for the achievement of UN SDGs. The aforementioned stands for Sustainable Development Goals, which the United Nations is aiming to guarantee a sustainable life for the generations to come.


Biology and Chemistry Club

The purpose of the Biology and Chemistry Club is to bring science and non-science students together in a forum where those students can discuss and provide insight to current and relevant biological and chemistry topics. Club activities will introduce students to further educational and career opportunities.

  • Advisor: Prof. Christine Kelly
  • Facebook:¬† ccm bio&chemclub
  • Instagram: @ccmbiochem


**Black Student Union:

Enlighten all students about blac**k cultures and contributions, instill black cultural awareness in its members, raise the level of awareness of the overall college community through activities, while serving as a support group for CCM black students


Business Society

Provides a place where business oriented students can gain knowledge about business and entrepreneurship.


**Campus Christian Fellowship
The¬†¬†Campus Christian Fellowship’s¬†(CCF)¬†membership is open to all interested students of any denomination. CCF sponsors special programs and community service projects, such as its annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.



Dedicated to creating objects for the good of the college and the club members.


Chess Club

The Chess Club is organized to play, teach and compete in chess. All levels of players (from beginner to Grand Master) are welcomed.


Computer Science Club

The purpose of the Computer Science Club is to raise awareness of computer science and related topics and to the CCM campus community.


**Criminal Justice Club

The purpose of the Criminal Justice Club is to provide an atmosphere in which members can learn more about, as well as gain real-world experience in, the realm of criminal justice.


Dance Club

The Dance Club is the supportive club for those students interested in Dance.

  • Advisor:¬†¬†Prof.¬† Terence Duncan
  • Instagram: @ccmdancecrew


Environmental Club

Serves to better educate the County College of Morris campus community about issues relating to the environment and on community efforts.


**EOF Student Alliance
The EOF Student Alliance promotes and participates in community service as a group. The organization raises awareness of and assists in the recruitment of Educational Opportunity Fund students.


Exercise Science Club
This student group aims to stimulate active participation from the student body, help in cultivating skills and knowledge that will benefit members and form relationships with local professionals to help members further their scholastic development.


**Fashion Club
The Fashion Club stimulates active participation and continued interest in current trends and developments in the fashion industry.


Feminist Book Club

The Feminist Book Club brings people together to discuss various pieces of literature and the social issues they shed light upon.


Game Developers of CCM

Allows students who have a passion for games and production to share their experiences, connections and passions through the creation of games.

  • Advisors:¬†¬†Prof. Eric Guadara
  • Instagram: @ccmgamedevs


Gourmet Club
The Gourmet Club is open to anyone who is interested in the finer aspects of hospitality and dining. The club sponsors trips to regional dining establishments, as well as trade shows and exhibitions.


I.E.E.E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Provides learning opportunities within the engineering sciences, research and broadly, technology. The goal of the IEEE education programs is to ensure the growth of skill and knowledge among the technical profession.


Judicial Board
Is the judicial branch of the CCM Student Association and is empowered to interpret student rights, review disciplinary problems and recommend specific action.


LGBT+ Student Union

The LGBT+ serves as a social and support group for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and friends.


**Mathematics Club
Aims to promote a better understanding of mathematics and to foster an environment where students interested in math can meet.


Model United Nations Club

Provides a forum for discussion of international relations and events though dynamic and academically stimulating simulation of the United Nations.


**Muslim Student Association
The purpose of the MSA is to provide CCM students an opportunity to come together in a supportive Islamic environment in order to explore and understand Islam.


National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi)

An honor society that help college students achieve their goals and better their lives, in the process building leaders who make a better world.


**New Social Engine
New Social Engine serves to create fun social options for CCM students and others and to reduce the harms of alcohol and drug use. The organization focuses on encouraging interaction between the four colleges in the  area.


**Nursery and Landscape Club
NLC provides opportunities to gain hands-on experience in all aspects of the nursery and landscaping industry.


**Outdoors Club
To foster and maintain a spirit of the outdoors and outdoors sports and activities. Activities include biking, white water rafting, hiking and more.

  • Advisor:¬†Prof.¬†Buffy Reilly
  • Instagram: @ccmoutdoorsclub


**Performing Arts Club
The Performing Arts Club allows CCM students to learn more about music and theatre through guest speakers, on-campus programs, field trips to shows and educational activities.


**Pet and Animal Lovers Society (PALS)

The purpose of the organization is for students to share their love of animals. Activities include providing therapy animals at events, volunteering at local animal shelters, educating people on animal cruelty, and raising funds for local charities.


Phi Theta Kappa (Alpha Kappa Kappa Chapter)
PTK, the national two-year college honor society, recognizes and encourages scholarship among community college students.

  • Advisor:¬†Dr. Bette Simmons, Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management
  • PTK International website
  • Facebook: ptk.ccm
  • Instagram: @ccmptk


**Photography Club
Is open to all levels of photographers, from novice to advanced.


Published once during the academic year, usually in  April, the award-winning Promethean is CCM ’s official student art and literature publication.


**Radiography Club
Stimulates active participation and continued interest in current trends and developments in radiography. Promotes scholastic standards in the field.


**Ratio Christi

Cultivates the intellectual voice of Christ and the Christian worldview by encouraging stimulating dialogue and intellectual investigation which aid in answering life’s pressing questions.


Respiratory Club
Stimulates active participation and continued interest in current trends and developments in respiratory therapy.

  • Advisor: Prof. John Rutkowski
  • Facebook: CCM Respiratory Club
  • Instagram: @respiratorytherapyccm


**Sigma Chi Eta (Alpha Omicron Chapter)
Sigma Chi Eta is the Communication Honor Society established to promote high academic standards as well the study, criticism, research, teaching and application of the artistic, humanistic, and scientific principles of communication.


**Strategic Gaming Club (aka Game Club)
This club is all about learning and playing new games and is open to all levels of players, from novice to advanced.


**Student Activities Programming Board
SAPB develops, coordinates and implements campus-wide programs of social, recreational and educational interest to all CCM students.


Student Alumni Association

Foster and enhance student involvement in all areas of advancement ‚Äď from alumni relations and communications to fundraising, marketing and related areas. Build strong relationships between the students of the past, present, and future.


Student Electronic Gaming Organization: The purpose of SEGO is to provide CCM students an opportunity to play in tournaments and to review games.


Student Film Association
Serves¬†to create a forum to share members’ appreciation of American and world cinema and to broaden perspectives through exposure to a wide range of films.


Student Government Association
The SGA is the governing body for all students enrolled at CCM. It functions to further the well being of the student body by representing students on various college committees.


**Student Nurses Association (SNA)
Stimulates active participation in nursing activities and promotes scholastic standards.


Student and Veterans Support Organization

Focused on providing support to Veterans and current military personnel, as well as helping student Veterans transition to and from County College of Morris. In addition will also be targeting concerns that are surrounding Veterans.


Tennis Club

Gather those who love playing tennis. Experienced players and beginners are welcomed!.



Titan 2 Titan Association Club

Students will have access to a wide array of resources to enhance student advancement in networking with fellow students from the County College of Morris campus and beyond.


Trading Card Game Club

Provide an environment for people to openly aid each other in the teachings of the basic mechanics of gameplay in various different kinds of trading card games.


United Latino Organization
The purpose of the CCM United Latino Organization (ULO)  is to serve as a support group for CCM students of Latin American descent. It does this through meetings, special programs, excursions and educational and social programs.


**Vegetarian and Vegan Club
To encourage consideration of the societal, ecological and ethical impacts of human-animal interaction.


Volunteer Club
The purpose of the Volunteer Club is to connect CCM students, faculty and staff, to endorse both local and world involvement, to build character, help others and develop skills.


Women in STEM
This purpose of Women in STEM is to recruit, retain, and encourage women to pursue careers in the fields Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), while creating a relaxing social atmosphere to talk about issues of being a woman in predominantly male fields.



*Womxn in Tech

    • This purpose of Womxn in Tech is to recruit, retain, and encourage women and non-binary students to pursue careers in the fields Technology, while creating a relaxing social atmosphere to talk about issues of being in predominantly male fields.


Writer’s Club

To bring writers from across campus together to create ideas and share content.


Youngtown Edition
Published every other Wednesday during the academic year, the award-winning Youngtown Edition is CCM ’s official student newspaper

  • Advisor: Dr. Ken Shouler
  • Instagram: @youngtownccm
  • Click¬†here to get to recently published issues of the Youngtown Edition
  • Youngtown Video


* Temporary Organization – These clubs are in the process of being chartered by the Student Government Association.

** Inactive Organization – These clubs have not submitted all their required paperwork and are only permitted to hold meetings.

Don’t see a CCM student organization that interests you? Here’s what you can do:

As a CCM student,¬†you are encouraged to form new organizations that promote an interest you might have. There are few restrictions involved in forming new student clubs. All that is necessary is ten other interested students, a CCM faculty or staff member to serve as the advisor, and the completion of the required paperwork. It’s that simple.

Contact our office and we’ll see if we can help you start a new student club at CCM. New clubs are always welcomed on campus.

An organization must be officially recognized and chartered by the CCM Student Government Association and the College prior to requesting and utilizing College facilities for activity purposes.

If you are interested in joining any of these student organizations or if you are interested in forming a new club, please call or email us. We’re here to help you in making your experience at CCM a memorable one.

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