The EOF professional staff provides the following services

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Pre-Freshman Orientation: (Held in July-Aug for approx. 2 weeks.)

New EOF students, accepted between Spring and early Summer, are expected to attend the Pre-Freshman College Readiness & Success Summer Orientation program. The purpose of this orientation is to serve as a college preparatory program for incoming new students. Orientation includes:

  • History of EOF, expectations and structure of program
  • Reviews of reading, writing & math
  • College student success course (CSS – 011)
  • Seminars on public speaking, diversity and college expectations
  • Networking with college staff and administration
  • Team building activities
  • Career exploration and personality assessments
  • Orientation ceremony

The EOF program covers all costs of the summer orientation. New EOF accepted students unable to attend our summer orientation, will be required to complete our mini-orientation or online orientation.

Academic Support Services

The academic support services available to EOF students help them reach their full academic potential, so that they can successfully complete their college courses and earn a college degree or certificate. EOF students are expected to comply with the academic performance standards defined by the County College of Morris. Students are expected to successfully complete each course they are enrolled in with a passing grade. To this end, the following academic support services exist to assist EOF students in meeting these goals.


EOF students meet with their assigned counselor on a regular basis for academic guidance. That includes discussing educational and career goals, making certain that the student is taking the right courses required of the chosen major in order to complete a degree or certificate. Assistance is provided each semester with course selection and registration in collaboration with appropriate faculty advisors.


EOF students who are required to take basic skills (non-credit) courses and/or are experiencing difficulty in their classes are expected to attend tutoring sessions at a minimum of once a week. The focus of tutoring will be determined as reported in the Student Progress Reports provided by each professor.

Tutoring resources on campus include the Tutoring Center: Math, Writing & Center, 24/7 Onlne Tutoring Smarthinking and the Office of Accessibility Services. Professional tutors (faculty) and peer tutors are available to meet with students as their individual schedules will allow.

Online Academic Support:

The EOF Office is also available 24/7 via Blackboard Learn, CCM’s educational platform for students taking online and/or hybrid courses. All EOF students will have access to our EOF Blackboard Course Shell “EOF Program & Resources Online.” Here our students can enhance their academic skills and improve areas of weaknesses. We have tutorials, exercises, recommended readings and online videos on relevant topics students continue to need support like: Time Management, Motivation, Concentration, Study Skills, Testing, Attitude, and also on subject based studying for Math, Science, English and Languages. We also include a counselor section with student’s frequently asked questions, resources for financial aid, scheduling tutoring appointments and much more.

Developmental Workshops

The EOF program offers developmental workshops designed with diverse needs and interests of the students in mind. Attendance at workshops is expected and monitored. A typical workshop schedule might include topics such as financial management, relationships, resume writing and interview skills, test anxiety, time management, and leadership skills.


The EOF counselor is committed to helping students deal with problems and situations that may exist in daily life that serve as obstacles to good academic performance.  Personal counseling is provided to help students explore the options available to resolve issues, as needed and may result in collaboration with the CCM Counseling Services Office or referrals to outside resources for help.

Students are encouraged to pursue co-ops and internships, and to register with the job placement service through the Career Services Office. Assistance is provided with resume preparation and interviewing skills if the students expect to go straight into the work place following graduation.

Financial Aid counseling is provided to help ensure that the funding is received as a necessity for handling the costs associated with attending college. Students are assisted with the financial aid application and renewal process with advocacy provided when difficulties arise that are beyond the scope of the students’ ability to handle complications in processing.

Graduation and Transfer Preparation

The goal of graduation and transfer preparation offered by the EOF staff is to make sure that the student is in a transfer curriculum that will best prepare him/her for the intended major when transferring after graduation to a four year college or university. EOF counselors will assist students to clarify their goals and obtain accurate transfer information. The graduation and transfer preparation process will be monitored carefully to ensure that transfer procedures are carefully followed. The EOF staff will help to ensure a smooth transition from the two year to the four year institution of choice.

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