1. What are some of the criteria for receiving Women’s Center services?

The Women’s Center is sponsored by the County College of Morris, and funded through grants from the NJ Division on Women, United Way of Morris County, the Morris County Bar Association, and the NJ Bar Association’s IOLTA fund.  The NJ Division on Women’s displaced homemaker criteria identifies any woman who is widowed, divorced, contemplating divorce, separated, married but unsupported, victims of domestic violence, and single parents who want to become economically independent.

2. Can I still use Women’s Center services if I don’t fit the criteria for a displaced homemaker?

Yes, a Job Club discussion group meets two Fridays a month, and is open to all women. We also offer free family law education via a legal clinic, and legal workshops are open to anyone. Computer workshops and tutoring are primarily for clients, however non-clients are eligible when openings are available.

3. What services does the Women’s Center offer?

The Women’s Center offers a variety of services to women who need to become economically independent. The services focus on the development of a long term career plan, job market information, identification of job skills, development of job readiness, knowledge of and access to community resources, information on training and scholarship aid, computer literacy training, family law education, building self-esteem, and writing resumes and cover letters.

4. I live in Morristown and have no means of transportation. How can I get help from the Women’s Center?

We have a Morristown location at Schuyler Place. Call our Randolph office (973-328-5025) to schedule an appointment with someone in Morristown. Family law education is also offered via a legal clinic and legal workshops.

5. I want to meet with a counselor to discuss my current employment situation, but I have no one to watch my child when I come for my appointment. Can I still come?

Your ability to concentrate on the information your career counselor will be giving you, and the work you will need to do with her will be hindered by the distraction of your child. If you have no other options, you can bring your child and a book or toy to occupy them. We also have a few toys in the office.

6. How long is the career counseling session when I go for my appointment?

One hour is allotted by the counselor for your appointment. This is flexible and can be expanded based on need and/or demand.

7. Must I stay for the full session?

No, but you should state your time limitations at the beginning of your session so the career counselor is aware and can make adjustments. Always allow yourself enough time to travel to the campus, stop at Campus Security for a parking permit, park, and then meet with the counselor for one full hour.

8. I would like to work, but I have a young child, can you recommend a daycare center?

The community agency, Child and Family Resources (973-927-6060) maintains a database of childcare programs throughout Morris County. Their guidance can help you determine what’s best for your child (home care, group setting, etc.).

9. I need a job quickly, do you find jobs for clients?

We are not a placement agency, but we do provide you the skills you will need to find work. These skills include help in writing a resume, tips for interviewing, help in finding “job banks,” and identifying your marketable skills. Our Job Placement Counselor can also refer you to a recruiter or an online job search site.

10. I’m an employer looking to hire. How can I work with the Women’s Center to find employees?

As part of your search for new employees, please contact our Job Placement Counselor to post your job description with our clients, and with the Job Club members. Our services are free!

11. Where can I get information on starting my own business?

Counselors can give you information regarding starting a business, but first counsel clients to see if starting their own business is appropriate for them.

12. I’d like to be a volunteer for the Women’s Center. What do I need to do to get started?

Call or email the office (973-328-5025 or womenscenter@ccm.edu) to get a volunteer application. After the completed application is received by the Volunteer Coordinator, you will be interviewed, and opportunities will be discussed.  Access our Volunteer Application and References Form online as well.

13. What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

Please refer to our volunteer page.

14. I can only volunteer for a short time. Is that okay?

We appreciate any amount of time you can give us. Some volunteers complete an assignment in an hour or two, while others prefer to volunteer over several days or weeks. We are flexible, and try to match opportunities to your interests and skills.