Nancy Binowski


Nancy Binowski

Academic Rank:

Information Technologies

Professional Studies and Applied Sciences

Office: EH 221

Phone: 973-328-5775

Education: M.S., Courant Institute of Mathematics, New York University B.A., Rutgers University

Hired: 2002

Before joining County College of Morris (CCM), Professor Nancy Binowski worked at AT&T where she participated in research and worked on a wide range of software development activities. While working at AT&T in Bell Laboratories, Binowski was awarded a patent in telecommunications architecture.“I always taught along the way, and I always enjoyed teaching,” Binowski says. “When I came to CCM, I started teaching computer science classes. More recently, I created the app development class and teach the web development course.”

While on a sabbatical leave to learn Android app development, Binowski created an app for the IT department at CCM. The administration was impressed with Binowski’s work and requested she make apps for every department at CCM. Instead of creating multiple apps, Binowski gathered together a team of student developers to help create one, cohesive CCM app.

In addition to teaching, Binowski enjoys working with student clubs and setting up events with them. One such event was HackCCM, a 12-hour event where high school and college students from around New Jersey came together and formed teams to create websites, games, software applications, and then showcase them to a panel of judges.

One of Binowski’s passions is disbanding the misconception behind computer science and coding. “People think it’s not creative, rather solitary work, and it’s quite the opposite. That is a stereotype that is incorrect that people unfortunately believe.”

To help break this misunderstanding, Binowski participates in such college events as Women Who Dare, a program where female high school students take part in an hour long coding session. Binowski also sponsors the Hour of Code which exposes people to coding and makes it accessible to them.

“Technology changes every day, every second,” Binowski says. “I’m always learning new languages and new technologies. That’s why I enjoy teaching, because I get to learn and share what I learn with other people.”