Welcome to Distance Education at CCM

Distance Education options include one of the following two formats:

Virtual Campus (VIR) –Virtual Campus courses are fully online courses, certificates, or programs designed to provide students quality distance education consistent with the Virtual Campus’ mission statement. Unless otherwise noted, Virtual Campus courses were developed to be taught without specific meeting times.  There is no on campus requirement..

Hybrid Instruction (VIR HB) – Hybrid courses are a combination of the traditional face-to-face instruction and online sessions.  This may include some on-campus labs with reduced in-classroom time or other instructional designs that meet the needs of the course materials.

Regardless of your chosen option, you will need access to a computer, a steady internet connection, a web cam & microphone.

THE 411 – LEARNING AT CCM (orientation modules & overview to Distance Education)

Important Reminder:  Students will not be able to register/add an online course once it begins.  It is especially important to pay attention to payment due dates in order that you are not deleted from the course for non payment.