Our next full offering of English Language classes will start in September, 2022. We offer classes in the mornings (9:30-11:30) OR evenings (6-8). The classes meet twice per week, either Monday/Wednesday, OR Tuesday/Thursday. You can pick whatever works best for your schedule. The 10-week course is $299. Registration will be open in late July. You will be able to register online, in person, or by mail.
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Nuestra próxima ronda de clases de inglés comenzará en septiembre de 2022. Ofrecemos clases por la mañana (9:30-11:30) O por la noche (6-8). Las clases se reúnen dos veces por semana, ya sea lunes/miércoles o martes/jueves. Puede elegir lo que mejor se adapte a su horario. El curso de 10 semanas cuesta $299. Las inscripciones estarán abiertas en julio. Podrá registrarse en línea, en persona o por correo.


CCM’s English Language Learning (ELL) program provides English language instruction for limited English proficient adults to increase their ability to communicate in English. The content is compatible with principles of language acquisition for adult learners of English and includes skills useful in the workplace, life and academics. The goal of ELL is to improve a student’s knowledge and comfort level with English communication.


Early Beginner, Beginner and Intermediate levels are made up of three units (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) that allow the learner to logically progress and build upon new knowledge. Students remain in a class level for several sessions to assure mastery of all of the concepts and content that will successfully transition the student to the next level. There is one book specific to each class level and students will work through the book. Advanced level students will improve English language mastery, using skills that are critical to the workplace or future academic studies. The ELL program at CCM has something for everyone whose first language is not English. A student’s ability, confidence and success will grow with each level of learning.


Skills are integrated into reading, writing, speaking and listening formats. Progress through levels is measured by an approved standardized test or documentation of attainment of competencies. The CCM ELL program course curriculum conforms to the federally defined Workforce Development ESL levels, and certificates are available in Early Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Level and TOEFL.


The CCM ELL program includes an online learning component called MyEnglishLab. MyEnglishLab provides practice exercises and language learning tasks that students either complete in the CCM Computer Lab or at home. All practice activities taken from the MyEnglishLab are coordinated with each book.

Select your class level:


This level is for non-native speakers with very limited English language skills. This class will explore all aspects of the English language, focusing mainly on grammar through group and class discussion, online exercises and vocabulary. Emphasis is on practical everyday English and communication skills. Students will gain the baseline proficiency needed to advance to a Beginner level. 

Este nivel es para hablantes no nativos con habilidades muy limitadas en el idioma inglés. Esta clase explorará todos los aspectos del idioma inglés, enfocándose principalmente en la gramática a través de discusiones grupales y en clase, ejercicios en línea y vocabulario. Se hace hincapié en el inglés diario práctico y las habilidades de comunicación. Los estudiantes obtendrán la competencia básica necesaria para avanzar a un nivel principiante.


This level is for non-native speakers, who are more proficient with English language skills than Early Beginner. It is the next level for individuals who have completed the CCM Early Beginner series. In this course, students will continue to improve their English skills as they explore all aspects of the English language, focusing mainly on grammar and vocabulary through group and class discussion and online exercises. Emphasis is on practical everyday English and communication skills.

Este nivel es para hablantes no nativos, que dominan mejor el idioma inglés que los principiantes. Es el siguiente nivel para las personas que han completado la serie CCM Early Beginner. En este curso, los estudiantes continuarán mejorando sus habilidades en inglés mientras exploran todos los aspectos del idioma inglés, enfocándose principalmente en la gramática y el vocabulario a través de discusiones en grupo y en clase y ejercicios en línea. Se hace hincapié en el inglés diario práctico y las habilidades de comunicación.


This course is for non-native speakers of English who want to improve their language skills. The main focus of the course is to learn and improve intermediate level grammar through in-class exercises and pair and group work to practice the grammar orally.  There are reading and writing assignments that emphasize new vocabulary and a section is devoted to learning and practicing pronunciation. The ultimate goal of the course is to improve fluency and accuracy in English. 


This level focuses on the English skills necessary to listen, speak, read and write effectively in the workplace or for academics, to apply standard grammar structures and develop and improve pronunciation skills.



For students with the ability to hold a basic conversation using English language skills at a minimum to fair level of understanding.  This class will increase confidence and allow students to be more comfortable holding a conversation in English and increase vocabulary.  This class is NOT appropriate for Early Beginner students.


For students who are comfortable in verbal English language communication, but looking to improve fluency and engage in more complex discussion.

Class schedule:

Summer ESL Conversation and Book Club

The following summer classes are for students who would like to gain confidence in conversational type speaking, and improve their vocabulary and reading comprehension. Students will work with the instructor to read Chicken Soup for the Soul, 20th Anniversary: All Your Favorite Original Stories Plus 20 Bonus Stories for the Next 20 Years, by Jack Canfield. Students must buy the book before class begins (click on link to go to Amazon page).

Classes meet twice per week. Each 6-week class costs $169 and will be held on campus in Henderson Hall, room HH-111. Register by clicking on the course number below.

Make sure you select the correct level, days, A.M. OR P.M., before moving on to registration.

Haga clic en el nĂşmero de curso para registrarse. AsegĂşrese de seleccionar el nivel correcto, dĂ­as, A.M. O P.M., antes de pasar al registro.

58802 – Beginner to Intermediate level: Mon & Wed, July 11 – Aug 17, 9:30-11 a.m. Instructor: Bahner

58811 – Beginner to Intermediate level: Tues & Thurs, July 19 – Aug 25 (note later date), 6-7:30 p.m. Instructor: Laryea-Ejigu

58803 – Intermediate to Advanced level: Tues & Thurs, July 12 – Aug 18, 9:30-11:00 a.m. Instructor: Schattner-Elmaleh

58810 – Intermediate to Advanced level: Mon & Wed,  July 11 – August 17, 6-7:30 p.m. Instructor: Sferra

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