• Online web storage and organization service
  • Create a DropBox account, then upload files
  • Files will be synchronized with all devices with a DropBox app
  • Share files with others, even if they don’t have a DropBox account
  • Link to more information: DropBox

Cost: free



  • Mind mapping, task lists, brainstorming, project planning, goal setting
  • Course notes will import and export mind maps to and from the most popular desktop mind map apps
  • Link to more information: iThoughts

Cost: $11.99

Assignment Calculator

  • Designed by the University of Minnesota
  • Assists in planning the steps towards completing a major assignment and help you create a time schedule for completion of each step
  • Link to more information: UMN Assignment Calculator

Cost: free


  • Collect and share ideas, inspirations, and projects
  • Brainstorming, mind mapping, diagrams, flowcharts, portfolio
  • Link to more information: Popplet

Cost: $4.99