Kurzweil 3000


  • Reading software program which allows you to upload books or documents into audible files to be read aloud.
  • Link to more information: Kurzweil 3000

Cost: free for CCM students. Please email us at ASO@ccm.edu to create your account.



  • Upload large PDF and text files, manuals, large books, magazines
  • Mark-up PDF files using text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings
  • Link to more information: Goodreader

Cost: $5.99

Beeline Reader


  • Read PDF files, webpages and convert ebooks to PDF files to be read with this program
  • Monochrome color text helps eyes to track lines of text for easier, faster reading by eliminating “line transition errors.”
  • Link to more information: Beeline Reader

Cost: $4.99 (free trial available)

Evernote Scannable


  • Scan any file or document into electronic format & read it aloud
  • Can search for specific text within document
  • Link to more information: Video About Scannable

Cost: free