Full-Time and Part-Time students: To be eligible for most kinds of financial aid, you must demonstrate financial need and meet all federal, state and institutional eligibility requirements.  Scholarships and some grants may be based on academic merit or documented economic hardship.

Eligible students may be funded between July 1st – June 30th  (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms), based on Federal, NJ State and or CCM Foundation scholarship and grants application terms and conditions (annual filing required).


  1. You must have and submit proof to CCM Admissions Office earning a –
    • High School diploma (final transcript) or a
    • General Education Development (GED) Certificate or
    • Home Study School equivalency from an authorized US Department of Ed. Accrediting Agency or
    • Not meet any of the above, you must complete the appropriate Ability To Benefit (ATB) tests, receiving scores in Arithmetic (>=34), Reading (>=55) and Sentence Skills (>=60) or
  2. You must be accepted for admission to CCM in a degree seeking or an approved Career Pathway certificate program.  Additionally, student’s enrolled for non-credited courses and/or audited course credits, are not eligible to receive financial aid.  Exception – Developmental and ESL course work are eligible to receive financial aid up to 30 non-credit hours only, as prescribed by the College.
  3. You must register for courses required for your CCM Program of study (Degree) to maintain financial aid eligibility (student loans included).  To view your required courses, consult  CCM Program Evaluation or  Student Planner online.


  • Continuing students  receiving financial aid (grants and loans) for the Winterim, be aware that your federal financial aid eligibility amount for the upcoming spring and or summer term may be reduced due to disbursement made for the previous term (Fall, if applicable).
  • NJ State Grants –  Funding for Fall and Spring terms only.


What types of aid assistance are available? 


The following are eligible Certificate Programs:

Attention: Certificate students MUST register for program required courses, following the appropriate ‘course track’, ensuring that courses are transferable toward a higher degree.  Example: Personal Trainer certificate transferable to Exercise Science, associate degree.  Recommendation – Consult your academic Advisor for course selection assistance.

  • 5710 – Computer Aided Drafting Technologies,
  • 5134 – Early Childhood Development

Additional eligible certificate programs – effective Fall 2018 term.

  1. P0637 – Advanced Electronics
  2. P0635 – Advanced Mechanical Analysis
  3. P0627 – Assembly & Testing
  4. P0631 – Basic Electronic
  5. P0420 – Culinary Arts
  6. P0629 – Digital Technology
  7. P0633 – Engineering Technology
  8. P0344 – Finance
  9. P0323 – Garden Center Certificate
  10. P0321 – Grounds Maintenance
  11. P0354 – Information Security
  12. P0322 – Landscape Contractor
  13. P0320 – Landscape Design
  14. P0625 – Mechanical Cad
  15. P0360 – Media Technology
  16. P0950 – Personal Trainer
  17. P0421 – Restaurant Mgmt & Event Plan
  18. P0622 – Routing (cisco Ccna)
  19. P0400 – Small Business Management
  20. P0352 – Web Development

CCM Financial Aid Terms & Conditions and below –

  1. Full-time (12 or more crs. per term), Quarter-time (9-11.5 crs. per term), Part-time (6-8.5 crs. per term) and Less Part-time (3-5.5 crs. per term) enrolled degree or certificate (approved) seeking students may receive financial aid assistance.  The colleges financial aid eligible terms are: Fall (late-start terms included), winter, spring and summer.  All State of New Jersey programs require full-time attendance with the exception of the Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) for which half-time (6-11 crs. per term) students may be eligible.
  2. You must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen (resident alien).
    1. International students please refer here
    2. NJ DREAMers (undocumented students) complete: NJ Alternative Financial Aid Application and refer here for CCM Admissions requirements.
  3. You must be registered with the Selective Service (males only)
  4. Must apply using your “legal” name (name on social security card)
  5. You must be making satisfactory academic progress as defined by Federal, State and CCM regulations.
  6. You must not be in default or owe a refund on a federal grant or educational loan.
  7. Changes in the number of registered credits or if registered for courses NOT applicable toward your current major (CCM degree) will affect the amount you were awarded, as you will be responsible for those courses out-of-pocket.


Maintaining Eligibility:

Satisfactory Academic Progress in your course of study (major).  A description of satisfactory academic progress, cumulative grade point average requirements and more are available in English and Spanish.


Withdrawal Policy for Financial Aid Recipients-

Message:  Financial aid recipients are advised to consult with a financial aid advisor to determine the impact (if any) their withdrawal from the college, or reduced number of credits may have, if previously awarded aid (loans included).