Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid and Scholarships are available to all qualified students. Please verify that these amounts cover the student’s entire bill. (Information available on Titans Direct and click on the box entitled Student Finance.) Any remaining balance must be paid by the due date to avoid late fees and the risk of a cancelled schedule. If there is excess aid, some can be advanced for use in the  Campus Book Store. Please visit our page for more detailed information about Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Out-of-county Chargebacks

Out-of-county Chargebacks may be available to students with an out-of-county residency status. Within the necessary guidelines, this chargeback can waive the out-of-county differential fee. The chargeback 5-step process (.pdf) must be completed in order to utilize this assistance program. If completed by the due date the paperwork can be submitted with the balance of payment. If not completed in time, full payment is expected on the due date and out-of-county paperwork can subsequently be submitted. CCM will accept chargeback paperwork through the end of the semester. Please note however, that in these instances, the refund will be generated after payment is received from the county of residence.

CCM Employee Tuition Waiver Benefits

CCM Employee Tuition Waiver Benefits are available to all employees who have successfully completed their probationary period and are covered under a bargaining unit; full time management; confidential support staff and part-time employees. Eligibility varies according to contracts or college policy. In most cases this benefit extends to an employee’s spouse and dependent child(ren). Refer to your respective contract or human resources for details. This benefit will only waive tuition charges. In order to have tuition charges waived, a CCM Tuition Waiver Form must be completed and required signatures must be obtained prior to payment of fees. Visit our E-Forms page to view a copy of the required form, CCM Tuition Waiver Form. The completed form must accompany payment of respective fees to the Bursar Office by the designated payment due date. Employees, their spouses and eligible children are not exempt from late payment fees, deletion of classes and/or service fees.

State Waiver Programs

State Waiver Programs are specific in nature and requires documentation at the time of payment. They consist of:

Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Volunteer Fire and Rescue personnel, and/or their spouse and dependent children, may receive a maximum waiver of $600 of tuition costs per family, per academic year. To obtain this waiver, the completed VTC5 form with a raised seal must be obtained from the municipality. The VTC5 form and remaining payment must then be received by the Bursar Office, together, and by the due date to avoid late fees and subsequent schedule cancellation. The VTC5 waiver cannot be applied to previously paid balance. Click here for more information about the VTC5 form.

National Guard

National Guard personnel may receive a maximum waiver of 15 credits of tuition, per semester. To enroll under the tuition free program, they must first file a FAFSA and then present the appropriate documentation to the Veterans Representative in the Counseling Office located in the Student Community Center room 118. The Veterans Representative will provide the CCM National Guard Form which must then be presented to the Bursar Office along with the balance of payment, by the due date to avoid late fees and possible cancellation of schedule. For additional information go to the New Jersey National Guard Tuition Program.

Unemployment Waiver

Unemployment Waiver may be available through the NJ State Department of Labor and Work Force Development job training program. (Start with your local state employment office.) Only courses already running and with seats available qualify for this program. Consequently, students utilizing this program may only begin registering on the first day of the semester. Please plan accordingly. Click here for specific Unemployment Waiver instructions.