Here you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Blackboard that may provide you with some useful information.

Q.  What is my username for Blackboard?
A.  Your username is the same username you would use to access Titans Direct.  To determine your exact User ID, follow the Account Recovery instructions.

Q.  What is my password for Blackboard?
A.  Passwords are in the default format: ccm plus your student ID number. For example, if your student ID number is 0123456, your password will be ccm0123456.  In order to change your password, you must follow the Account Recovery instructions.

Q.  I’m logged into Blackboard but I am having a problem viewing certain parts of my class.
A.  Make sure that the pop-up blocker and firewall are temporarily disabled when you are accessing your on-line course.  Also, make sure you are accessing your course through Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

The best way to determine your computers compatibility is to complete the Browser Check.  We strongly recommend that all users, use Firefox or Google Chrome.   You may download Firefox at as an alternate browser.   It is recommended for all users to use Firefox.

Note:  If you still experience a problem, and you are logged in and have accessed your course, please contact your instructor.

Q.  Is there a mobile app for Blackboard?
A.  THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!!! Bb Student Mobile App is available now in iOS, Android and the Windows app stores for free (it is replacing the The BlackBoard Learn Mobile App, which will no longer be supported).  Please note the app may not mirror the full-version of Blackboard that you access via the Internet.

Q.  My course requires an access code. How do I get one?
A.  You can obtain an access code in the following ways:

  1. If you purchased your book from the CCM Campus Store, the access code will be in the book.
  2. If you bought a used book or rented a book, you can purchase an access code from the publisher.
  3. You can also purchase an access code from the CCM Campus Store.

Q.  I cannot get the access code to work.
A.  If you created your account with the publisher, you are using Mozilla Firefox and your access code does not work, you will need to contact the publisher.

For additional information regarding Blackboard go to the Distance Learning  home page.

Should you not find an answer to your question or you are still experiencing a problem, you can also contact the Solution Center at 973-328-5600 or e-mail