Preparing for an Interview

The job-hunting strategy, the resume, the phone contacts, the online applications, and more, are all undertaken for the express purpose of getting an interview.  Interviews get jobs; everything else is done to get interviews.

By being prepared you will be able to articulate how well your background relates to the position for which you are interviewing.  Your ability to succeed will depend on how well you convey your achievements, can demonstrate that you have the requisite skills that are clearly connected to the requirements of the job, and that your goals are in line with the employer’s.

  • CCM Sponsored:  Optimal Interview, an interactive online system to practice your interviewing skills from the comfort of your own location. You control all aspects of your interview practice session, including the interview type, the number of questions, your response format, and the interviewer.  You can record and save practice interviews, as well as get tips on how to answer interview questions.  Access code for students: earth.  Watch the instructional video.
  • CCM Sponsored: Candid Careers. Watch interview tips videos through Candid Careers under “Get Hired.”
  • The Interview, a CCM publication, is available online or in print in the Office of Career Services, Student Community Center, room 118.  Questions to Expect During a Job Interview, a Dahlstrom publication, is also available in print.  Both are free of charge to CCM students and graduates.
  • Call or email to schedule one-on-one virtual or in-person practice.

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