Welcome to Distance Learning.  Please read this first for important information.

IMPORTANT:  Reminder students will not be able to register/add an online course once the term begins.  It is especially important to pay attention to payment due dates in order that you are not deleted from the course for non payment.

LOG IN and getting started information will be emailed  to your @student.ccm.edu student email account.  All registered students have a CCM email account (including visiting students).  View student email for information on accessing your account.


REMEMBER YOU CANNOT LOG IN TO YOUR CLASS UNTIL THE FIRST DAY OF THE SEMESTER/SESSION. Hybrid students should log on the first day of the semester for the online portion and not wait until the first meeting date.

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!!!¬† Bb Student Mobile App is available now in iOS, Android and the Windows app stores for free (it is replacing the The BlackBoard Learn Mobile App, which will no longer be supported after August 31st).¬† Please note the app may not mirror the full-version of Blackboard that you access via the Internet.

BROWSER Issues:  The best way to determine your computers compatibility is to complete the Browser Check.  Internet Explorer 11 is now available and it is not supported by Blackboard.  We strongly recommend that all users, use Firefox or Google Chrome.  There are many known issues with Internet Explorer.  You may download Firefox at http://www.mozilla.com as an alternate browser.   Google Chrome appears to work in most instances, however DO NOT use it for tests and quizzes. This also may present some issues.  It is recommended for all users to use Firefox.

BLACKBOARD:   View Blackboard help for assistance with the most commonly used tools in Blackboard.

BOOKS NEEDED?  Check out CCM Bookstore for all needed information.